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The Another Dungeon Podcast Episode 22

Delayed Games, CES rundown, 2016 Gaming Predictions

The Another Dungeon Podcast Episode 22

For our first recording of 2016 Tim, Andrew and Ben join forces to discuss the recent game delays, as well as some of the unique and exciting announcements from this years CES before wrapping up with the gaming trends that will happen in 2016 because we said they would. (There are very slight spoilers for Snowpiercer as well.)

0:00:32 – Intro
0:01:58 – Delayed Games
0:07:22 – Consumer Electrics Show
0:21:21 – 2016 Gaming Trends

It’s adventure time! Come on, grab your friends… no not there… that’s inappropriate!

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Andrew was nameless for the first week of his life. His parents were too busy trying to figure out the character creation model that they forgot to name him. Unfortunately, they molded him into a bearded film loving idiot who runs The Last New Wave and AB Film Review with his wife as well as talks about games every so often. Sometimes he knows stuff, most of the time he’s an idiot.

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