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The AD Podcast Episode 33 -Sony Stahp

The AD Podcast Episode 33 -Sony Stahp

Sony has finally announced what the Neo is, and it’s a little underwhelming. The announcement wasn’t helped by some other rumours and poorly communicated points to do with the new console that the whole announcement seemed a like it could have definitely gone better.

In this episode Tim and Ben are joined by no one again this week as they discuss the recent announcements by Sony regarding their new consoles, and they briefly touch on paid DLC in an early access game.


0:00:27 – Intro
0:01:35 – Out of nowhere 3DS titles
0:10:55 – New Sony announcements
0:33:35 – DLC in early access

Host : Tim Paterson
Guests : Ben Spanos
Edited by : Tim Paterson


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