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The Another Dungeon Podcast Episode 24 – Raging Episodic Pokemon

The Another Dungeon Podcast Episode 24 – Raging Episodic Pokemon

Tim is joined by lifelong Pokemon fans Ben and Noel to discuss Hitman going episodic. Of course, can’t have two Pokemon fans on and not discuss Pokemon, so the discussion quickly turns to all things Pokemon before flipping the table in anger and storming out and into a discussion on RAGE QUITTING in Street Fighter 5 and what the minds at Capcom are doing to battle this madness.

It’s adventure time! Come on, grab your friends… no not there… that’s inappropriate!


0:00:33 – Intro
0:01:31 – Episodic Hitman
0:09:44 – Pokemon
0:22:44 – Rage Quitting and Street Fighter 5

Host : Tim Paterson
Guests : Ben Spanos, Noel Wheatley
Edited by : Andrew Peirce


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