Andrew Peirce

Andrew was nameless for the first week of his life. His parents were too busy trying to figure out the character creation model that they forgot to name him. Unfortunately, they molded him into a bearded film loving idiot who runs The Last New Wave and AB Film Review with his wife as well as talks about games every so often. Sometimes he knows stuff, most of the time he’s an idiot.



Review: ABZÛ

ABZÛ is a game that, on paper, speaks directly to me. It’s made by some of the minds behind the stunning Journey, It’s set in the ocean, with all its bountiful aquatic life, and the great Austin Wintory provides the score for you to swim through the waters to your hearts content. But, with all these ticks, it’s surprisingly lacking in the one thing that made Journey so unique for...[Read More]



Review: Obliteracers

Blasting onto the racing scene is the bright, Australian-produced party game, Obliteracers. This unique spin on the competitive kart racer genre has you battling against three other racers in a war to see who can destroy each other the most amount of times. Coming first in the race is not the main objective here as you guide your robotic/monster hybrid creature around a variety of visually excitin...[Read More]



Review: Reigns

On the surface Reigns seems to be simply another swipe-app, but if you look deeper you’ll find a game with a solid narrative structure that helps provide a great level of context to your swiping. Reigns is a very welcome addition to any mobile gaming library. Its apparent simplicity is a front for what is an enjoyable and deep adventure experience.



Review: Shadow of the Beast (2016)

One of the things I love dearly about platformers is that no matter how insane the world that you’re navigating your sprite through may be, there is usually some kind of internal logic to the level design. Whether it’s the zany cat levels of Super Mario World 3D or the sublime underwater levels in Rayman Origins, the world that you navigate feels like it makes sense – even as you stomp on the head...[Read More]



Review: TTR World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour. Reading that title will most likely take your mind on a nostalgia trip, fuelled by non-existent fumes from Micro Machines driving around on a racetrack resembling a kitchen bench or pool table. The little engines purr away as they handle another corner, haphazardly bumping an opponent off the edge into the dark void beneath the bench. You’re smiling now, I’m sure.



Review: Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is not a perfect game, with moments of pure tedium being more frequent than the wonderfully insane set pieces, but it is a fun game. Whether you’re laughing with the game, or even if you’re playing co-operatively with a friend and laughing at the game, there is an exhaustive amount of content to be had.



Review – Stories: Path of Destinies

Stories: The Path of Destinies follows the branching stories of Reynaldo, a fox who finds himself thrown into a warring world between rebels and a crow-filled army. It’s up to the player to help navigate Reynaldo through various stories in order to find the correct path to his true destiny. The concept of branching story paths in games has always been an interesting one that has been impleme...[Read More]

Palaver – What gaming term do you like/dislike/are confused by?

Welcome to “Palaver” – a monthly discussion where the Another Dungeon team answer a question presented to them. If you have a burning question you’d like to ask you can post a comment below or send us an email. This month, we answer the grand question of: What gaming term do you like/dislike/are confused by? DAVE I really dislike the terms “casual”, “core”, and “hardc...[Read More]

Video Games – Digital vs Physical Distribution

As we move into an increasingly digital world, it’s worthwhile to take stock of what is occurring in the realm of this hobby we call gaming. With the recent release of the IGEA report regarding the sales of computer game-related items in Australia, I figured it was time to take a look at how we access video games in Australia – whether it be via brick and mortar stores, or digitally. Let’s begin w...[Read More]



Review: KLAUS

Klaus is the story of a man who wakes up in the basement of an office building with ‘-KLAUS-’ tattooed on his arm. Navigating the initial red soaked levels, he realises he’s in the midst of an existential crisis. Who is he? How did he get here? Who is moving him through the levels? Before too long, he’s joined up with a beefcake character called K1. Together, they manage to find their way through ...[Read More]

The Another Dungeon Podcast Episode 24 – Raging Episodic Pokemon

Tim is joined by lifelong Pokemon fans Ben and Noel to discuss Hitman going episodic. Of course, can’t have two Pokemon fans on and not discuss Pokemon, so the discussion quickly turns to all things Pokemon before flipping the table in anger and storming out and into a discussion on RAGE QUITTING in Street Fighter 5 and what the minds at Capcom are doing to battle this madness. It’s ad...[Read More]

The Nostalgia Box Interview

Next to the Central Institute of Technology in Northbridge, Western Australia is The Nostalgia Box – a gaming museum showcasing the history of gaming while offering attendees the chance to play a selection of video game consoles. I sat down with owner Jessie to discuss how The Nostalgia Box came about. Another Dungeon: Thank you for allowing Another Dungeon to do an interview with yourself at The ...[Read More]

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