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Proud dad, retro collector, and Japanophile. Voracious consumer of all forms of media, and generally time poor. Actually, just generally poor - all of this costs money! Loves gaming in all its forms, but just not very good at it. Still - practice makes perfect. Long-term interest in video games, music, comics, TV, and movies, with recent interest in anime, manga, and tabletop games. No time like the present.

Review: Yakuza 0

Ask anyone to describe the Yakuza series (or read a review of any title in the series) and it’s likely that you’ll be told the games are a genre of their own. Part open-world, part action-adventure, part CGI video extravaganza, the Yakuza games can’t accurately be compared to any one title out there. Some might say GTA or Sleeping Dogs – which owes much to the Yakuza series, I might add – but I wo...[Read More]



Review: Destiny’s Rise of Iron

Destiny has had an interesting 2 years since its release in September 2015. The original release was plagued with issues, and while many thought it was released prematurely, it was still arguably a "good" game (at least, that was my opinion). Last year's release of The Taken King expanded on the original title, and made a number of sweeping changes. This essentially made Destiny a great deal more ...[Read More]



Review: Darius Burst – Chronicle Saviours

Taito's Darius shooters are among the forerunners of the shoot-em-up genre, with the original title being released to Japanese arcades in 1987. Subsequently, the series has seen multiple sequels and spin-offs, with DariusBurst, which was originally released on PSP in 2009, being the most recent. DariusBurst was then released to Arcades early 2010 as DariusBurst: Another Chronicle, and this release...[Read More]

Sparrow Racing – Ending Soon!

Sparrow Racing League is well and truly into its three-week run, and although I was a little shocked at the announcement myself (as I, like many others, was expecting Bungie to announce upcoming DLC more closely akin to “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves”), I was somewhat keen to give it a shot. This was mainly due to how much I already valued my sparrow capabilities in ...[Read More]

Sparrow Racing comes to Destiny

Destiny fans have long been waiting on news of new content and activities coming to Destiny following the release of The Taken King. Many suspected that announcements would be made at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, which was held in San Francisco over the weekend. These suspicions were validated, but where fans were expecting the announcement of some major DLC (much in the vein of Year...[Read More]



Review: Mushihimesama (PC)

I’ve always had a soft spot for  shoot ’em ups – whether its a side-scrolling shooter like R-Type, a vertical shooter like Raiden, or a 3D shooter like Space Harrier – I love them all (that’s not to say I’m any good at them, though). I guess it comes from my childhood, playing River Raid on Atari 2600, which is one of my fondest gaming memories from childhood. T...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – Earthlight

Opaque Media Group must have underestimated the demand for their demo at PAX – when I approached their booth for my scheduled meeting just prior to lunch on the Sunday, they were turning away disgruntled attendees, telling them that all sessions were already booked for the day. As a result, my session was rushed through in an attempt to stay on top of appointments, and my interview was cut (...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – Master of Orion (Preview)

Wargaming had a major presence at PAX AUS this year, as they have in previous years, and we managed to have a sit down with several key individuals from different franchises. However, we really only had the chance to talk about one game, as the demo took up all of our time. We were very happy with this, as it was the recently announced reboot of Master of Orion, which will be released under Wargam...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – From the Floor (Greg)

We saw a lot in our time at PAX this year. And there were a lot more titles on the show floor that I’m sure we missed. Still, there were a few standouts for me, and I’ve provided a brief overview for each below. Party Golf, by Giant Margarita To be honest, going in to PAX, I had little interest in Party Golf. I took a look at some screenshots online and decided it looked interesting, b...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – Overview

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX, for short) has come and gone in Melbourne for yet another year. PAX AUS 2015 ran from Friday October 30th to Sunday November 1st, and was held for the second consecutive year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. But what is PAX exactly, and why do people get so excited about it (well… a certain subset of people)? Penny Arcade is an online web comic, ...[Read More]



Review: The Taken King

Note: This review was written for those familiar with Destiny and its Year 1 content. , and for that reason does not cover the mechanics of staple Destiny gameplay. For more information on Destiny, please refer to our “Explaining Destiny” and “Destiny’s Year 2 Update” articles. The Taken King opens with a cinematic unlike anything that has come before – in Destiny, at least. Fast-moving, act...[Read More]



Review: King’s Quest – Chapter I

As a child of the 80s, I have very fond memories of Sierra's adventure titles. I was particularly fond of Space Quest, as its sci-fi theme and tongue-in-cheek humour (which is a staple of these titles) really struck a chord with me. I also enjoyed the early King's Quest games, but didn't stick with the franchise after the first few, having moved on to other things. Over the years, I’ve watched the...[Read More]

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