Jair McBain

Jair is a running, climbing, jumping, video game making ginger roustabout. People tend to yell "Oh jeez, Fentooooon" as he walks by. Youtube will explain that one.

No Fish Kickstarter Preview

No Fish! is an upcoming tabletop card game created by 93 Made Games, a Sydney-based tabletop game developer, distributor, and publisher. 93 Made Games have created a number of projects previously, including Viewpoint, Viewpoint: Reflections and Monster Town; all of which have found moderate success amongst tabletop game players. No Fish! is a “back-to-front guessing game”, in which players must gu...[Read More]

Why Minority Tailored Events are Great for Everyone

As a straight, white male raised in middle class Australia, I am not someone that has experienced the hardships of growing up as part of a minority group. I can’t honestly tell you where my passion for embracing diversity and equality comes from, but then again that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that as a society, we should be able to come together and recognise that, even if we have not ...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – There and Pax again (Jair)

If you’ve not heard of PAX and what it is by now I suggest that you get started by reading Greg’s PAX 2015 Overview, which will give you the low down on all the juicy goss’. For those that prefer the TL:DR however, PAX is Australia’s largest gaming convention, held annually in Melbourne, Australia. PAX is a celebration of video games, tabletop games and their surrounding culture. A pla...[Read More]

What design lessons can we learn from Crossy Road?

Crossy Road, developed by Hipster Whale – Melbourne-based and winners of the Apple Design Award (among many other accolades) – is most definitely a game to take notice of. Having reached the significant milestone of 100 million downloads last week, I’d like to take a look at some lessons in design that we can learn from what is one of the most successful mobile games of the last few ye...[Read More]

Preview: Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit

Defect is a game of traitorous treachery and treason, with fully customisable build-it-yourself spaceships and epic space battles, all in 2D. Players will find themselves building awesome spaceships from the ground up in a top-down 2D grid system, where managing resources and crew is key to your survival in the great space frontier.



Review: Skiing Yeti Mountain

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a quaint and well crafted mobile experience, showing the best of what downhill skiing has to offer with impressive one-finger swipe controls, and teasing the great mystery of the fabled Yeti. Skiing Yeti Mountain aims to capitalise on the success of recent games that have treated their monetisation in a light-hearted manner, such as Crossy Road and Adventure Capitalist, but...[Read More]

Art and Science in Video Games

Those who know me will most likely be aware that I have a passion and personal interest in both art and science. To me, art is an ideology that governs the way I view not just typically creative pursuits, but also everyday endeavours. Often I find myself viewing ideas and objects through an artistic lens, one that takes in an experience as it is and, after some consideration, spits out an idea ins...[Read More]

iFEST Melbourne 2015

For those of you that aren’t aware, Melbourne’s indie game scene is positively thriving – with numerous events held year round you can readily find enthusiastic developers exhibiting their work. One such event is iFEST (Independent Games Festival), now held in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Seattle and Lafayette each year. iFEST is an event at which local developers have a chance to show off t...[Read More]



Review: Alto’s Adventure

Those born in the 80’s and 90’s will remember the plethora of poorly made flash games that famously distracted web users in the early 2000s. With simple one-button press mechanics, games featuring Monster Trucks, Snowboarding, and BMX’s were wildly popular, especially amongst students during IT classes or study time. In short, Alto’s Adventure can be described as an exquisitely refined take on wha...[Read More]



Review: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The world of Middle Earth is a place in which I have spent many years, and one of my only qualms with life is that I can’t spend more time immersed within Tolkien's rich creation. Considering this, it isn’t hard to imagine why I jumped at the chance to get a copy of Shadow of Mordor.

Dying Light – A Parkour Perspective

As a Traceur (practitioner of Parkour) and Freerunner of almost 9 years now, I am always interested to see how Parkour is represented in video games. When a ‘new’ activity especially one of the ‘extreme’ variety picks up steam in popular media, traditionally the way it is depicted is not entirely accurate. Parkour has had a shaky start over the last ten years, as debates about what it is and isn&#...[Read More]



Review: Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassins Creed: Unity is an experience much like you’ve come to expect from Ubisoft – high flying, user friendly, and entertaining in its sweeping, loosely historical narrative. On the other hand, it’s unpolished, careless, and somewhat insensitive to veteran players of the series. Although impressed with the wonderful visuals and sprawling recreation of Paris down to every last inter...[Read More]

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