E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference…War Has Definitely Changed

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference…War Has Definitely Changed

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference…War Has Definitely Changed

Today I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the attend the Bethesda live stream event here in Sydney  and what a way it was to check out all the news from Bethesda’s presentation. They kicked things off with a few special shout outs including one to all those at the Sydney event and after minimal chit chat they got down to business and kicked things off with granddaddy of all first person shooters, DOOM.

The latest DOOM pulls no punches with plenty of visceral gameplay shown during the presentation, we got to see plenty of footage from the first person campaign highlighting some of the weapons and the slow motion kills animations. They then went on to show some of the action from the games mulitplayer feature before moving onto what is sure to be a fan favorite feature, the new Snapmap functionality, that allows players to create and play on custom maps with ease, which is sure to lead to some incredible arenas the fantastic matches.

Battlecry was then shown and an announcement was made about the upcoming beta that would be open to registrations via the website, giving those with an interest in the game a chance to get some hands on time prior to its release.

Up next was Dishonored 2, which showed of a cinematic montage of a in game battle but the real surprise was that this time you would be able to play as either Corvo or Emily Kaldwin which generated a great response from those at the event.

Suddenly the speakers started to pump out a familiar theme a the crowed roared with acknowledgement, we were about to get a glimpse at what awaits player in the upcoming expansions of the Elder Scrolls Online, with a look at new lands and a hint of what battles lay ahead. That wasn’t all the Elder Scrolls news that was to be announced, because it was revealed that a virtual strategic card game would also soon be released.

Finally it was time for what was the most highly anticipated information of the night, it was time for Fallout 4 and even thought the trailer had been release the week before, Bethesda still had a phenomenal amount of information in store for us all. They confirmed that the game starts before the bomb drops and showed off the incredibly intuitive and highly customisable character creation options where you can play as either male or a female (the game will then create a virtual child based on the looks of the 2 parents) and after a bit of basic narration to get yoiu through the opening of the game things predictibally go to hell when the bomb drops…..fast forward 200 years (yep 200 years) and you emerge as the only survivor of vault 111 and then the game really begins. Even with all this information be shared they still didnt give to much of the story line away, but we did get the see how yoiu meet you loyal sidekick and companion for the game (the German Shepherd).

With the need to salvage so much from the world of Fallout to survive the customisation options have been enhanced for Fallout 4 to allow for a greater range and ease of weapon and armor customisation, not to mention the in game building options that you can use to make you very own home sweet home, along with plenty of weaponry to defend it.


Next was a quick discussion about the evolution of the Pip Boy and new one that you would get to use in this game and even with its in game features, but Bethesda wasn’t content with just that. They have decided to release an actual Pip Boy in the Fallout 4 Collectors Edition (available exclusively through EB games) that not only looks like the real thing but will also allow yoiu to put yoiur phone into it, have a official App to make your phone function like a Pip Boy but it will also allow you phone/PipBoy to function as a second screen for the game


After leaving the crowd in absolute awe, Bethesda still had a few more tricks up their sleeves to reveal, the first was the new free to play mobile game Fallout Shelter (out now for iOS devices) where you can create and run your very own vault to help give Fallout fans their fix until the games release….which lead to the final announcement, the release date for Fallout 4 will be November 10th this year……with those words being uttered the crowd at E3 and the local event (and probably most of the people watching online) seemed to explode in a collective cheer of excitement and disbelief that it would be released so soon.


After that final bombshell the E3 live stream wrapped up but the local event kicked on with a cosplay competition and the distribution of a little bit of exclusive swag for everyone there.

I have to say massive kudos to the local Bethesda/PR Team for putting on such a great event at such a spectacular venue and creating a brilliant atmosphere that almost made you feel like you could have actually been at E3 and also to Bethesda themselves for a exceptional E3 presentation, one of the things that always seems to happen with these sort of things is there is way to much discussion about the game and not much of the actual games being shown and Bethesda seemed to be focused more on showing off the games then talking about it which was a great way to kick off E3.

Massive thanks once again to Bethesda for putting on this event and giving us all the opportunity to experience some of the magic that is E3.



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