BRNAU – A New Aussie Podcast Network

BRNAU – A New Aussie Podcast Network

In the world of podcasts it can be difficult to find shows that meet your particular tastes and requirements. It’s for this reason that the Boomer Radio Network has been created. Designed as a central repository of Australian board gaming podcasts it aims to support local creators and provide content for a wide variety of listeners. Whether you’re seeking education, inspiration, or just plain entertainment the Boomer Radio Network plans to give you what you need.

At the moment the network has six shows broken into three categories.


There are many things to learn, open your mind, take a load off and listen to some of these musings.

Games On Tables is a podcast that discusses topics of interest on the board game industry. We talk to designers, publishers and board game media from Australia and New Zealand as well as guests from around the world about the challenges of designing and publishing games from the region.

A podcast that ask’s important question’s to the giants of the tabletop industry. Each episode focuses on one aspect of tabletop gaming and gets you 4 responses from people that know better then us.
The best reviews from Australia, from well respected Derek “Dez” Maggs. Covering lots of ground in 2-3 minutes – faster then ordering a coffee!


Where is that next idea coming from? The next theme to work on? These are some shows to get the creative juices flowing.

Although not officially part of the BRNAU, this is a show that turns movies into  tabletop games with our own Alex Wynnter as the host. Good for getting those creative juices flowing.


After some light fun? A small laugh? Well we are not really that funny, but hopefully you like these shows.

Ever wondered what the meeples thought of your gameplay, that last move, that deal you just struck? Wonder no more and take a step inside their lives.

You see a podcast labelled The Obligatory RPG Show. A block of small, cursive text beneath it reads: this podcast grants the bearer audible discourse about Role Playing Games including interviews with Designers, Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, and Gamers, in-depth discussions, and high adventure. Your finger hovers over the “play” button. What do you do?


If you’d like to know more about the network, shows, and special guests you can check out their website or social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

There are two things I love in life... playing games and my family. I work three jobs; one to pay the bills, another as a video game designer at C117 Games, and, of course, here - at Another Dungeon. I own almost every console since the Atari 7800 and am proud of my extensive collection of games. I'm more of a single or coop player but I do dabble in multiplayer on the odd occasion. Tabletop wise I prefer strategic games like Five Tribes or Small World. If you want to have a game or just chat feel free to add me, PM me or email me.

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