Bungie provides Destiny Year 2 details

Bungie provides Destiny Year 2 details

At 4am this morning AEST, Bungie streamed a live demonstration of how things will change with Destiny Year 2, paying particular attention to character development and changes to the Tower. We woke up bright and early to watch – and there was a hell of a lot of information to cover (so much so that I’m sure I’ve missed some details). Without any further ado…

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 1

  • Your level in the new system will be carried over to The Taken King based on your current light level. Up to the Level cap (40), everything you do contributes to your Level.
  • The Light level now reflects your overall power, and is an average of your Defence and Attack scores on your equipped gear. This means that Attack and Defence scores have been revised, but all weapons and armour will essentially have the same effect as they do currently (in the video, they likened it to switching to the Metric system).
  • The new character screen has 10 slots now, all of which contribute to your Light level.
  • The effect of improving other attributes (Discipline, Intellect, and Strength) is now immediately apparent, with the gauge reflecting how this affects the cooldown of the associated action (Grenade, Special, and Melee, respectively).

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 2

  • There are now 16 bounty slots, and they can now be turned in via the menu, rather than having to return to the Tower.
  • There are new bounties, and many are easier to achieve.
  • Bounties can be tracked (up to 4), so you can see how you are progressing against a bounty at any tme by bringing up your Ghost.
  • Quests now have their own page for tracking (along with Bounties), and there will be many quests that can be undetaken (you can have up to 32 at a time). They each have dedicated tasks, and specific rewards – many also seem to have storylines associated with them.
  • All players (of The Taken King) will have access to a once-off new material, Spark of Light. This will automatically level up a new character to Level 25, with level-appropriate gear, or so I’m led to believe.
  • Players can now show their character face not only in the Tower, but also on their character screen, should they choose. Further, players can choose which of their equipped weapons they show off in the Tower.
  • The vendors will sell new gear (the Speaker will sell Ghost skins, for example), some will have quest lines, and reputation will all carry over from Year 1.
  • Class Armour, Ghost Skins, and the new Artefacts slot all will have their own perks and upgrades and as such have an effect on the player’s light level.

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 3

  • Emblems, Shaders, Ships, and possibly other things (this was a little vague) will now be accessible from new Kiosks as “Collections” – whatever you have already collected will be highlighted and available while others will be slightly greyed out, and may or may not mention what is specifically required to unlock them. Personally, I would have preferred undiscovered items to have been blacked out completely, as I would prefer the surprise, but still this is a welcome change (and will free up space in the Vaults no doubt).
  • Allegiance to a faction is as simple as accepting Allegiance with a specific faction (i.e., no longer tied to gear), which lasts a week. Reputation now applies to BOTH Vanguard/Crucible and Faction, as opposed to just the Faction when equipped.
  • Players can now turn in excess consumables for reputation with their current Faction.
  • Factions will also occasionally offer quests.

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 4

  • There will also be Crucible quests and bounties, to entice new players into the Crucible, and provide experienced players with more to aim for in the Crucible. Completing all Weekly Bounties will provide “Nightfall Tier” rewards (Legendary with Exotic chance).
  • Vangaurd and Crucible Marks are being replaced with Legendary Marks – a single currency that can be used with all vendors, and which will pool across characters, much like Glimmer. The cap will be at 200 Marks, but there are no weekly limits to earning, which should entice players to spend their Marks more often across vendors (and there are many new reasons to spend Marks now).
  • Marks that been accrued prior to Sep 15, 2015 will be converted to Commendations, which can be turned in for reputation.
  • Legendary Weapons and Armour will now provide Legendary Marks when dismantled – this is an attempt to make everything that is collected during the course of the game feel more worthwhile.
  • The Crucible Quartermaster now has bounties on offer as well, which are Weapon-specific.

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 5

  • New terminals in the Hall of Guardians can be used to access Exotic Blueprints (one for Weapons and another for Armour). These are records of all of the Exotics that have been found. Once found, the Exotic is placed in the Blueprints, and can be purchased on demand using Exotic Shards and other currencies.
  • Some specific Year 1 Exotics have also been upgraded to Year 2 (Year 1 Exotics seem to require Level 20 as a minimum, while Year 2 Exotics require Level 40, and are thus far more powerful). Improvements include the most desirable perks being unlocked by default. Any Year 1 Exotics that have been upgraded will immediately be unlocked as Year 2, provided you have already discovered the Year 1 equivalent (they will need to be bought, however, as mentioned).
  • Only some exotics will be updated to Year 2 (some may be updated later) – the new Suros Regime, for example, has been recreated in black.
  • Vanguards will also have quest lines.
  • The Cryptarch will now sell legendary Engrams – these are “real” legendary engrams, and they will all become legendary items, with an exotic chance.

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 6

  • The Gunsmith has received a major overhaul. He will now offer “Field Test” Weapons, which can be acquired for free for testing purposes (essentially Weapon Bounties). Return them to the Gunsmith for Reputation Gains. As your Gunsmith reputation increases, you have access to Foundry Orders – players can purchase one or more orders on a weekly basis, which will be “delivered” on Armsday, which is every Wednesday. New stock available every week.
  • There is a new node on all Year 2 Legendary and Exotic Weapons – Infuse. This allows players to dismantle another such weapon inorder to increase the attack value (the proviso is that it must be Year 2, and must itself have a higher attack value – also requires additional currency/consumables). This means that players can continue to level up weapons that they like, rather than having to leave something behind once its level becomes superseded by other items.

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 7

  • Lastly, Vault Space has been increased. The Vault now allows for 72 weapons, 72 pieces of Armour, and 36 General items, essentially doubling the Vault space. Removing the need to keep Shaders, Emblems and Ships in the Vault will free up more space for just materials, so 36 spaces should be plenty. A huge improvement, but it will never be enough…
  • Lastly, it was noted that the dance emotes that were utilised at the end of the presentation were new, and more than that – one of the characters seemed to have a sword on his back, indicating that there will be new weapon types as well…

Screenshot - Destiny - Year 2 Update 8

The archived video can be watched in full at:

Bungie did mention that several more questions will be answered in this week’s Weekly Update (which we usually see on Saturday), but the above certainly gets me revved up. Bring on Year 2 – only 25 days to go!

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