BRNAU – A New Aussie Podcast Network

In the world of podcasts it can be difficult to find shows that meet your particular tastes and requirements. It’s for this reason that the Boomer Radio Network has been created. Designed as a central repository of Australian board gaming podcasts it aims to support local creators and provide content for a wide variety of listeners. Whether you’re seeking education, inspiration, or jus...[Read More]

Expedition Zetta Preview

Expedition Zetta is likely the most ambitiously designed boardgame I have ever experienced. Put simply, it is a strategy game which sees players take command of warp-capable spaceships in order to explore the galaxy and bring the most fame to the country they represent. Borrowing heavily from the Euro game tradition (think titles like Catan or anything with a victory point system) Zetta combines s...[Read More]

Nintendo Reveals new games coming to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console launches tomorrow, and Nintendo are telling us to expect an exciting line-up of games on the eShop for day one and beyond. Nintendo has been working closely with independent publishers and developers to deliver a steady flow of unique and original experiences to Nintendo eShop. More than 60 quality indie games are confirmed for Nintendo Switch this year alone, and many ...[Read More]

Preview: Arkham Ritual

Arkham Ritual is a social card game in which 3 to 7 players take on the role of journalists who are trying to escape a terrible ritual. The core social interactions this game provokes are great fun, and the artwork is fantastic, however there is some ambiguity as to whether this game is co-operative or competitive. This confusion meant the game took much longer to learn than it probably should hav...[Read More]

Preview: Dracula’s Feast

It is a dark and stormy night; Dracula has invited the local townsfolk over for dinner, however a few of his fellow monsters heard about the feast and have crashed the party. While maintaining their secret identity each monster must learn, and publicly announce, the identities of all the other monsters before Simon Belmont arrives and… wait, wrong game. Dracula’s Feast is a quick and easy game of ...[Read More]

Preview – ARC Continuum

ARC Continuum is an indie title by Akimbo studios that aims to produce a AAA quality game on an indie budget. Judging by my experience with the preview build, they are well on their way to achieving this goal. ARC Continuum is a third person action/adventure game set in an exciting new Sci-Fi world. With the power of the ARC device you can manipulate time and blink teleport short distances. These ...[Read More]

A Deep Space Experience

You step into the engine room corridor. As the darkness lifts and you take in your surroundings you notice something strange – you are standing in a spaceship. Welcome to Deep Space. An experience unique to Brunswick, Melbourne, which many have likened to an escape room. However, as the game’s creator Michael Armstrong explained, it’s best to have no preconceptions about Deep Space bef...[Read More]

Preview: Battle Blakes

Battle Blakes is the 90s stoner cult film come aggressive combat card game that we’ve all been waiting for. Wait, that’s totally not a thing. Well, too bad! Because that is what Battle Blakes is, and if the world is not ready for that, then it’s already too late. Battle Blakes is a competitive card game and has, by far, one of the wackiest backstories that I’ve ever encountered. The game centres o...[Read More]

PAX AUS 2015 – Interview with Jason Anarchy

Canadian Jason Anarchy packs quite the punch when it comes to independently creating and publishing tabletop games. Since beginning serious work on Drinking Quest five years ago, Jason’s  reputation has grown impressively, and he now spends his days creating (sometimes), distributing, promoting and running the business that enables him to call ‘games’ his full time job. Jason’s slew of Twitter fol...[Read More]

No Fish Kickstarter Preview

No Fish! is an upcoming tabletop card game created by 93 Made Games, a Sydney-based tabletop game developer, distributor, and publisher. 93 Made Games have created a number of projects previously, including Viewpoint, Viewpoint: Reflections and Monster Town; all of which have found moderate success amongst tabletop game players. No Fish! is a “back-to-front guessing game”, in which players must gu...[Read More]

PAX Aus 2015 – Blight of the Immortals Interview

As a fan of the real time strategy genre, I found my curiosity piqued by Blight of the Immortals. Blight of the Immortals is a slow, real-time, co-operative online strategy game with impressive polish for a title that has only recently entered open beta. Taking inspiration from elements of board game design, and coming from a strong background in all areas of game design, solo developer Jay Kyburz...[Read More]

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