Preview: Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit

Defect is a game of traitorous treachery and treason, with fully customisable build-it-yourself spaceships and epic space battles, all in 2D. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, a trio of game dev veterans calling themselves Three Phase Interactive have created a unique, must-play title in Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit. Players will find themselves building awesome spaceships from the ground up in a top-down 2D grid system, where managing resources and crew is key to your survival in the great space frontier.

Perhaps the most unique element of Defect is that each time you complete a mission, your crew will take over control of the ship and boot your sorry behind right into the vacuum of space. This leaves you to once again face the enjoyable task of building an awesome vessel and getting back out there to take on the next big foe. The cycle of “build it, then lose it” is what drives interesting gameplay experiences. Each time your old crew steals your ship, you must take into account its strengths and weaknesses when building your next one. You can sure as hell bet you’re going to get sweet revenge on the traitors that left you floating helplessly in space.

Screenshot-Defect- (8)

Defect is a polished experience in which even the game music adapts as you build your ship part by part. You can expect 175 components from which you can build your spacecraft, with many more promised as development continues. Interestingly, you will also be able to fight against your friend’s constructions, which should be great fun, if the demo is anything to go by.

While the Defect demo is available now on Steam, Three Phase is also running a Kickstarter to help them get the project over the finish line and provide as many great features as possible (but if you want to support, you’ll want to hurry – it ends at 9am on 23 July).

I had a great time with the demo experience, and if you’re a fan of top-down space games, I highly recommend giving the Defect demo a try.

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