Sparrow Racing comes to Destiny

Destiny fans have long been waiting on news of new content and activities coming to Destiny following the release of The Taken King. Many suspected that announcements would be made at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, which was held in San Francisco over the weekend. These suspicions were validated, but where fans were expecting ...[Read More]

Explaining Destiny

Destiny has – for the right or wrong reasons – been on the receiving end of a lot of vitriol since its release in September 2014. So much so that there’s almost a solid divide between those that seem to hate the game outright and those who love it. On release, the game received a tepid response from critics (undeservedly...[Read More]

Bungie provides Destiny Year 2 details

At 4am this morning AEST, Bungie streamed a live demonstration of how things will change with Destiny Year 2, paying particular attention to character development and changes to the Tower. We woke up bright and early to watch – and there was a hell of a lot of information to cover (so much so that I’m sure I’ve missed so...[Read More]

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