DOOM Launch Date and CE Announced

DOOM Launch Date and CE Announced

Bethesda have officially announced the launch date of their upcoming First Person Shooter DOOM with a pretty sweet looking collector’s edition. With a 12” tall revenant statue sitting on an LED lit turbine base (modelled off the UAC facility in mars), and an exclusive metal case, this is one badass looking collector’s edition.

More importantly we now know that you can get your hands on the latest demon shooting frenzy that is DOOM on May the 13th, so not long now!

DOOM promises a return to the old ways of gaming. No hiding behind cover to regenerate health, no fancy shield to protect your precious protagonist, just old school fast paced action. With a new story and a revamped fast paced arena style multiplayer, DOOM is shaping up to be fitting return to a classic series that helped shape the First Person Shooter as we know it.

You can also pick up a new DOOM distressed logo t­shirt and some pretty sweet Space Marine Lithographs from the Bethesda store.

You can order the collector’s edition from EB games, with a limit of 1 per customer. Get in quick before they’re all gone!


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