Experience Virtual Reality at 210 degrees with Project Star VR

Experience Virtual Reality at 210 degrees with Project Star VR

Experience Virtual Reality at 210 degrees with Project Star VR

Swedish independent game development company Starbreeze Studios have recently announced that their previously titled InfinitEye virtual reality headset has been redesigned as ‘Star VR’ – the only ‘truly immersive’ virtual reality experience, thanks to it’s 210 degree horizontal field view. This, compared to the roughly 100 degree view which Oculus provides, does seem to give Star VR an edge over the competition.

The 210 degrees encompasses your entire peripheral vision – striving to truly transport the player into the game world.

InfinitEye VR CEO Lionel Anton, who is now part of the Star VR team, explains in the video that in 2012, when consumers started to learn about Oculus, he was already working on his own VR project, emphasising his feeling that a creating an experience with a field view of more than 180 degrees would makes for a more immersive experience than what is already on offer.

The announcement trailer boasts that gamers will “loose their minds” over Star VR’s capabilities, and although the video is impressive and exciting, like so many VR announcements, scant details are to be found regarding exactly how Star VR works, what will be needed to run it, or how much the experience will cost.

Although Star VR’s vision is commendable, and the technology looks promising, only time will tell if this vision comes to fruition. Starbreeze Studios was being demoing Star VR at E3, with OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead video game and Payday 2. OVERKILL is a Starbreeze Studio and their Walking Dead game is a co-op first person shooter with action, roleplaying, survival horror and stealth elements, slated for a 2016 release.

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