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Fireside 29 – The best thing about Fireside is the titles!

Civilization V, Pandemic: The Cure, Steam Park, and Talisman


The best thing about this week’s episode is Dan & Dave’s discussion of Civilization V – no other simulator can compare with an epic of such scale! That said, the best thing about this episode is actually Pandemic: The Cure – no other game provides a better simulated experience for budding doctors than this dice adventure! When all is said and done however, the best thing about this week’s episode is Steam Park – where else can you while away the hours cleaning up robot poop and building fun rides? Which leaves us with Talisman – easily the best thing about this week’s episode! If you’re wondering what all this “best thing about” is you really need to head over to Youtube and check out “Why Heroquest is so great” by Bardic Broadcasts. It really is the best thing about YouTube!

This week’s beer is the Australian made Japanese beer Kirrin – First Press! The video referred to in this episode is Why Heroquest is so great by BardicBroadcasts.

Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and Dan chat about what they’ve been playing (or doing) that week.


00:00 – Intro
01:23 – Quest for Sponsorship – Kirrin First Press
03:28 – Civilization V
13:32 – Pandemic: The Cure
23:57 – Steam Park
29:54 – Talisman (Digital)
42:25 – Kirrin rating

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Music by Eric Skiff

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