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Fragged Empire Vodcast – Episode 2

In empty space Ch'Quan still hears them scream

Fragged Empire Vodcast – Episode 2

Episode 2 – In empty space Ch’Quan still hears them scream

This week sees our heroes face a big decision… do they stay in the empty void Ch’Quan directed them to or head back to the populated region surrounding Heletia Sans Serif? … and go with the plan Isadora suggested in the first place?! Vote now… actually don’t vote on that! Instead let’s open a book on how many children Fenris will hurt, or talk about hurting this episode!

The Fragged Empire Vodcast is a video/audio series in which the Another Dungeon team play an RPG written by Ben Scerri (using the Fragged Empire and Stars Without Numbers systems). Sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes undescribed Isadora, Fenris and Ch’Quan are offered a chance at redemption… of sorts. Brought together by a shared desire to live the expendable scavengers must learn to work as a team, locate missing corporation vessels and, above all, be profitable else risk losing their newly found “freedom”.

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