FTI announce OOMPF! Games Fund

FTI announce OOMPF! Games Fund

FTI announce OOMPF! Games Fund

Today FTI have announced the launch of OOMPF! Games, a  $10,000 fund that has been set up to assist Western Australian game studios in getting their games from concept to completion. There had been no state level funding for the Western Australian games industry since the cancellation of the federal interactive games fund and the creation of OOMPF! Games hopes to not only partially fill that gap and support the local dev but also showcase the vast array of local talent within the WA gaming community.

Funding is critical for building a sustainable, vibrant and diverse industry. Victoria, which enjoys state funding through Film Victoria’s games program, produces 40% of Australia’s games, making them competitive in the global market, which is on track to reach $91.5 billion by the end of this year.

Part of the application process includes a pitch night, which will give applicants feedback on their games while connecting them with local investors.

To read more about the state of the WA games industry, check out FTI’s Games Industry Scoping Survey 2014.

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