Gorram! Another Firefly Game? Firefly: Shiny Dice hitting the shelves in August

Gorram! Another Firefly Game? Firefly: Shiny Dice hitting the shelves in August

Gorram! Another Firefly Game? Firefly: Shiny Dice hitting the shelves in August

Browncoats rejoice! A new Firefly related game is on its way to you! Over the last two years, Firefly fans have had a lot to celebrate – the release of the new Firefly Roleplaying Game (different from 2005’s Serenity Roleplaying Game), various accompanying supplements and adventures, not to mention the impressively well designed Firefly: The Game (board game), plus various expansions for that as well. The next installment to grace our tables will be the Firefly: Shiny Dice game, due for an August release.

Firefly: Shiny Dice is a push-your-luck style dice game for 1 to 4 players which should take about 30 minutes to play. Unlike the Firefly Board Game, which was published by Gale Force Nine, Firefly: Shiny Dice is being published by Upper Deck, who are new players on the board game scene, historically creating and distributing collectable sports trading cards.

The game consists of three rounds. During a turn, the player rolls all 15 dice – seven crew dice (blue), three passenger dice (white), and five enemy dice (red). After making rerolls (if desired) the player reveals their mission for the round and must use the dice results to try and complete that mission and avoid the perils it involves. During the next phase, the enemies strike. Various enemies – Badger, Saffron and Niska – affect your game in different ways. You must then use your remaining crew and passengers to try and defeat the enemies. For each enemy defeated, players score one victory point. Failing to defeat the baddies will result in no victory points being awarded to the player for that turn. After three rounds of play, whoever has the most victory points wins.
Firefly dice

This dice game seems to have a little more flavour and story than some of the competition. Let’s hope it lives up to its name and is truly worthy of the title, ‘shiny’.

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