HearthStone out now for mobiles

HearthStone out now for mobiles

HearthStone out now for mobiles

Many of us have lost countless hours playing games from Blizzard, be it StarCraft, Diablo or of course World of Warcraft, but when Blizzard initially released HearthStone I was pretty excited, it encompassed elements from WoW into a very slick, well laid out, easy to use and not to mention more than slightly addictive game (this is a Blizzard after all). This was a game you could pick up and play for 5 minutes or 5 hours if you wanted, there was no need for hours upon hours of investment into learning who to play, you could just sign up and go. Given its rapid growth in popularity it was only a matter of time until it made the jump from PC to other devices it was quick to makes its way to tablet and now its made it final transition to ensure you can play HearthStone anywhere, thats right HearthStone is now available for mobile phones and yes its free.

You can either choose to link your existing battlenet account when you sign in or create a new account of course (although this might be tricky on a mobile so probably best to sign up at battle.net on your PC to save yourself some hassle) and while the game can be a little tricky to play on a smaller screen the game does help you by highlight the cards you can play based on your availble mana  and bringing up a larger view of a card, so you can read its cost, abilties and stats a lot easier.

In my mind if you’ve enjoyed playing HearthStone on any other platform its well work adding to you mobile device so that you can continue play whenever and wherever you like.

HearthStone for mobile is now available form the App store, Google play and Amazon

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  • Dave C Haldane

    Woohoo! Hearthstone!!

    … Boo! 1.48gb install! 🙁 Wish KitKat would let me install games on my SD card. I have 16gb internal storage which is almost full and a mostly unused 64gb Micro SD card in it! Grrrr.

    • Minor gripe. I uninstalled this yesterday. It started downloading an 800mb patch on me in the middle of the shops. My WiFi was not impressed. A little bit too big for a mobile game if you ask me.

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