Humble Bundle Subscription Service Revealed

Humble Bundle Subscription Service Revealed

Humble Bundle have long been a place to pick up a bunch of curated PC games that you may, or may not, get around to playing. Now, after delivering bundle upon bundle, week in week out, they’ve entered the world of subscription services. Starting from the 6th of November the Humble Bundle will unload a bundle of games into subscribers inboxes each month in a service titled Humble Monthly.

For a mere $US12 a month, Humble Monthly will curate a stack of games for people to redeem . An interesting side note to this is the fact that the amount of proceeds going to charity will be greatly reduced to just 5%. One of the more famous features of Humble Bundle has always been the option to decide how much of your hard earned money goes – so to reduce the amount given to charity feels a little odd, but inevitable.

In a world where almost everything is moving to a subscription service (what with your Netflix’s, Loot Crates and Dinner Boxes), it’s no surprise that Humble Bundle have opted to make this move. What this means for the huge variety of weekly bundles is yet to be seen, although they do mention that the subscribers bundles will feature games not featured in other bundles.

Early subscribers get a copy of The Legend of Grimrock 2, so if that’s your thing, head on over and lay down that hard cash and wait for your first bundle to appear!


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