‘Ink-tastic’ free, new content coming to Splatoon owners

 ‘Ink-tastic’ free, new content coming to Splatoon owners

Happy news from Nintendo! In just over a week, a free update for the WiiU’s Splatoon will bring an awesome amount of new content to the game – two new Battle modes, an increased level cap and over forty new pieces of gear. Nintendo’s Press release explains how these new modes will work:

The new update introduces Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options. In Squad Battle, players can participate in Ranked Battle rule sets with friends, rather than being teamed up with other players through a random selection. After a player creates a squad, friends can be recruited to form a team of two to four Inklings. Friends will always play together on the same team and battle against other squads at random.

In Private Battle, friends can splat it up in private, customizable matches. Two to eight friends can battle together by selecting their favourite map, mode and weapons. The number of participants ranges from 1v1 to 4v4, but teams don’t have to be even: if the host chooses, he or she can select a 1v4, 1v2, or any other combination of players.

The new gear spans both useful and aesthetic items. The release will see two new weapon types enter the Splatoon arena – the Slosher and the Splatling. The Slosher is a bucket-like weapon which splatters at a wide range, even having the ability to splat opponents who are up high or on the other side of a wall. The Splatling resembles the cyclic, multi-barrel design of a Gatling gun and features charge ability.

Nintendo ensures us that this is far from the final update for Splatoon, with plans to release more battle modes, maps and gear over the coming months.

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