Mario Kart 8



Mario Kart Trophies Arrive in Australian Club Nintendo Store

A while ago it was hinted that prior to its upcoming demise, the Australian Club Nintendo Store would have some official Mario Kart Trophies added for fans to purchase. That time has finally arrived with the Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, Mushroom Cup, Shell Cup and the Special Cup all being added to the store in the latest (and potentially last) ...[Read More]

New Mario Kart 8 Content

Released yesterday (23rd April) Mario Kart 8 is the lucky recipient of a bunch of new content! I must admit, I’m not often excited about DLC but some of this stuff looks amazing! I can’t wait to lose many hours this weekend playing! First up is the Animal Crossing downloadable content pack which delivers 8 new courses, 3 new c...[Read More]

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