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New Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS

With the “super-stable 3D function the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL is able to recognise the users face using the inner camera. Automatically adjusting the position even when you move a lot during gameplay you can enjoy the best possible 3D experience.

With new C stick added on the top left corner of the A, B, X & Y buttons, you can perform subtle moves by applying small movements. Also, ZR and ZL buttons have been added to the back. The function brought by the separate Circle Pad Pro have been integrated in the console so that extended play style is made possible by various software titles.

The New Nintedo 3DS range also supports Amiibos. Not only can you play with your amiibo figure in real life, you can play with your amiibo figure in compatible software using the information stored inside the figure using NFC (near-field communication) technology.

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