Nintendo announces Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Nintendo announces Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Today Nintendo announced the latest entry in their Animal Crossing franchinse – Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The launch will be accompanied by an all-new hardware bundle, sure to whet the appetites of Animal Crossing fans. The game, which we witnessed as part of Nintendo’s E3 3015 digital event, is more satisfyingly explained via an announcement made earlier today:

From 3rd October, Animal Crossing fans with a penchant for interior or exterior design can go all out with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Join the Nook’s Homes family business and make hundreds of your favourite animals happy by designing their dream home – some might even ask you to spruce up their garden! Go beyond home decor and try your hand at bigger projects like a school or a café and assign unexpected roles to some of your favourite animal friends.

In addition to the new title and an exclusive ‘Happy Home Designer’ Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL (RRP $269.95), a new NFC Reader/Writer Pack will be made available to equip older 3DS and 2DS systems to have the functionality of the New Nintendo 3DS (RRP $29.95). What does this mean? It means that all players will be to use amiibos with their 3DS!

This new hardware is being released alongside Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in order to enable all players to interact with the new ‘amiibo cards’ which will accompany the game:

At launch, a limited number of copies of the game sold in stores will come with one special amiibo card that allows the player to call up the card’s character and let their imagination run wild designing a house for them. What kind of home would you build for Tom Nook or Isabelle? Additional amiibo cards will be sold separately in packs of three. Out of these three, one card will always be a special amiibo card, meaning it features a character whose house you won’t be able to build without using its amiibo card. Each card can be used across multiple copies of the game, so they’re perfect for collecting and trading with friends.

Amiibo cards will also be sold separately, as will Happy Home Designer Cover Plates for the New Nintendo 3DS. And, if that is just not enough to satisfy your Animal Crossing appetite take comfort in the fact that Nintendo will be releasing a ‘New Nintendo 3DS + Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Pack’ bundle in Q4 2015. This will include a white New Nintendo 3DS system with a pre-installed digital copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, a unique set of Cover Plates and one special amiibo card.

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