Objects in Space: a modempunk stealth space-trading game

Objects in Space: a modempunk stealth space-trading game

Objects in Space: a modempunk stealth space-trading game

What if in the vast expanse of space you couldn’t tell friend from foe, if visual queues where gone and battles was conducted beyond the range of visual sight and all you had to rely on was the ship you built from scratch, a range of scanners and your wits? Sound intriguing, then the upcoming tittle from Flat Earth Games is for you.

Earlier today Flat Earth Games announced Objects in Space, an open-world space-trading game where the space ships play a caution game of cat and mouse much like the submarine captains of a bygone age, who need to rely on their wit, cunning to survive in the in the Apollo cluster, a self-sufficient new home for ambitious settlers which has decayed from the utopia it was intended to be. It is now a fractious place filled with warring nations, massive corporations and corrupt governments. In the middle are the lowlifes. The traders and the smugglers, the miners and the pirates, the privateers and the freelancers. And you. You are nobody. And in a place as unforgiving as Apollo, it’s likely to stay that way.

“This world is what you make it,” added Leigh Harris, co-founder of Flat Earth Games. “We’re giving players the ability to build their ship from scratch, tweaking each component and module to optimise their ship for stealth, speed, jump capabilities, weapons arrays, cargo hold or whatever else best suits their play style.”

Objects in space is expected to launch early to mid 2016, for more information about the game and to follow the developers blog check out the official website.

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