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Another Dungeon was built to embrace gaming in all its forms – from video to tabletop games. We’re not platform exclusive in any way, and will cover anything from independently-developed smartphone games through multi-million dollar AAA endeavours.

At its core, our site is about review and discussion. We posit that all reviews are subjective and based primarily on a single person’s opinion. Not everyone will agree with us (sometimes we don’t even agree with each other), so we encourage visitors to share their opinion or even provide their own review! We like to think we’re very approachable, so we would love to hear your opinion.

Beyond reviews, we provide opinion articles, Kickstarter coverage, and other long-form features. We also have a strong forum with a friendly collection of fervent participants – we welcome all newcomers though, whatever your tastes and persuasions.

Come join the community and have fun!


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About Us
Dave Haldane
Dungeon Master

There is one thing I love in life… gaming! …and my family – TWO things I love in life! Gaming, my family, and making games… THREE things!!

Alongside writing articles, making videos, hosting community days, recording podcasts, and general site maintenance here at AD I also run the Here Be Games online tabletop store and design games for C117 Games. All this and a family with 4 kids means that “spare time” is a commodity I only vaguely remember – and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Allons-y!

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About Us
Amelia Laughlan
Writer / Editor
Since first travelling to Japan at the age of fifteen, most of my life has revolved around trying to learn Japanese, and unravel the mysteries of the country’s culture. Gaming ranks just behind this obsession. I enjoy video games – particularly RPGs and Strategy – but my main interest is in tabletop role playing games and board games. Writing ranks third – luckily I get plenty of opportunities to write about Japan and games, so it all works out.

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About Us
Andrew Peirce
Author / Podcaster
Andrew was nameless for the first week of his life. His parents were too busy trying to figure out the character creation model that they forgot to name him. Unfortunately, they molded him into a bearded film loving idiot who runs The Last New Wave and AB Film Review with his wife as well as talks about games every so often.

Sometimes he knows stuff, most of the time he’s an idiot.

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About Us
Tim Paterson
Contributor / Podcaster / Streamer
Hi guys I guess here is where I tell you a little bit about me. I’m a huge FPS and RPG fan so that’s where my reviewing biases will lie.I play a bit of competitive online shooters but I also really enjoying playing co op. If you ever want a game feel free to shoot me a message on your preferred format.Feel free to leave comments and remember that reviews are opinions, if you don’t agree that’s fine, just don’t attack the reviewer personally.

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About Us
Greg Newbegin
Proud dad, retro collector, and Japanophile. Voracious consumer of all forms of media, and generally time poor. Actually, just generally poor – all of this costs money! Loves gaming in all its forms, but just not very good at it. Still – practice makes perfect. Long-term interest in video games, music, comics, TV, and movies, with recent interest in anime, manga, and tabletop games. No time like the present.

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About Us
Dan Lehman
Podcaster of Convenience
Dan loves (in no particular order) his family, technology, working with tools, gaming and drinking beer.  His gaming venues vary from console (Xbox) to mobile (Android) to Steam (Mac) to tabletop, while his genre preferences range from puzzlers to RPGs to strategy. Dan can often be found drinking beer, drinking beer with Dave, or drinking beer with Dave while recording the Fireside podcast.

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