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Reviews and previews are a great way to promote your game. By providing unbiased, third party opinions, we offer consumers a way to separate promotional marketing from unaffiliated analysis. Whether tabletop or video game, in development or already released, Another Dungeon is a great way to expose your work to a continually expanding audience.

What do you get?

If your application is successful, your game will be given its own hub on the site. Hubs are game-specific sections complete with pages for reviews, previews, news updates, images, videos, and more. For released games, there’s even a section where visitors can share their own thoughts via a customer review and/or score. If your game is available online, we also offer a referral link service where we can direct potential customers your way.

For unreleased titles, we offer previews in lieu of reviews. Previews are written with the same level of attention to detail as a review, but aren’t as exhaustive and don’t offer a numeric score – we don’t feel it’s fair to score a game that is not in production phase.

If you plan to crowd fund publication of your game, we will also provide links and coverage for your project – both website and social media.

What is required?

To submit your game for consideration, please complete the form below. Games may be submitted for either preview or review, but must be in a playable state – e.g., a partially completed game that demonstrates a concept, but is unplayable would not be considered eligible.

Finally, we do not accept or provide payment for reviews. This is a free service to help share your game with our audience.What is required?

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