Palaver: What game announced at this year’s E3 has you most excited?

Palaver: What game announced at this year’s E3 has you most excited?

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This weeks question is:

What game announced at this year’s E3 has you most excited?

Amelia: Since the PlayStation 4 was released, I have been waiting for a reason to buy one. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks to be that reason. Not only was the trailer shown at the Sony Conference cinematically impressive, the setting looks intriguing. A post-apocalyptic setting with a hopeful tone is a rare combination, and one I find fascinating. The deal was sealed after seeing the gameplay component of the trailer, which seems to promise open-world exploratory action with RPG elements. Cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

Greg: There were a number of great announcements that have me excited – Destiny: The Taken King, Halo 5, Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Cuphead, to name but a few, but to be honest, the game that has me the most excited is a compilation of old games – Rare Replay on the Xbox One. So many of these games are games I either LOVED (Banjo Kazooie, Battletoads), or WANTED (Sabrewulf, Jetpac) as a kid, so I’m really looking forward to going back and playing Banjo Kazooie (one of my favourite 3D platformers ever) and trying out everything else. Plus, for the achievement chaser in me, 10,000 gamerscore is appealing, too, not to mention the price tag (listed on EB Games at $49.95)…

Jair: Having finally caught up on E3 coverage, I am most excited for The Division. Although the project has been delayed quite drastically from its original release date, I’m hoping this means extra attention has been given to the quality of the experience. I’m really looking forward to playing what has the potential to be a great online experience. Close runner ups are the new Rainbow 6 and Sea of Thieves, with Rainbow 6 being a big part of my teen years and, well of course Pirates are awesome, so there’s no reason I can think of to not be excited about Sea of Thieves.

Andrew: In a year of big announcements, it’s a sequel that has me most excited. Dishonored 2 is the game that we’d had vague notions would be announced this year, and Bethesda didn’t disappoint. The combat on display here is exactly why I’m thrilled to see it announced and has me most excited. Dishonored was a very good game that had an average story, so hopefully Dishonored 2 will improve on that.

An honourable mention would have to be the announcement that Firewatch was coming to the PS4. This was already on my radar with some great visuals and an interesting storyline, so to be able to play this on consoles is an added bonus.

Noel: With there being so many incredible games announced this year, it’s tempting to go with something like Fallout 4, Battlefront or the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which all have me super excited, but for me it’s got to be Need for Speed. I’ve had a long-standing love affair with this franchise over the last 20 years, and with this new game looking like it’s going to be incorporating some of the incredible customization and tuning features previously seen in games like Underground and Carbon with current-gen graphics, I know this is one game that going to take up a lot of my time.

Tim: In the past, I’ve felt like E3 has been a bit of a letdown. Not in the sense that the content is terrible, but I get so excited about a lot of the things that get announced and I want them to be released next week, and most of the time the release schedule is TBA. Last year, I was really excited about the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, but nothing much has been said since. This year was a different story. A lot of titles announced have release dates of later this year, which has got me back into the spirit of E3 once more.

The standout for me this year was Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I’ve been a massive fan of the Ghost Recon series for a long time. I love the tactical combat and realism that the series brings, and to see a much beloved series evolve into an open-world setting will be a great change to the series. I’m really looking forward to stepping into the world that they create and I can’t wait until it launches. Honourable mention goes to Sea of Thieves. Pirates are cool and in Rare’s hands it should be a blast!

Mike: While that awesome video for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was the most exciting thing I saw out of this year’s E3, the game wasn’t exactly a new announcement. Therefore, my choice is Shenmue 3. The first in the series was my game of the year for 2000 and I loved the sequel so much that I imported the Dreamcast version and purchased it again later for the Xbox. Finally, the long awaited third installment is coming! Oh and yes, I’m a backer!

Dave: In a surprising twist (for me) it’s the new Doom. I love mindless shooters – even Duke Nukem Forever – and hope this new one will be a ‘return to form,’ – taking us back to the frenetic mayhem of 1 and 2 with less focus on the scary atmosphere of 3 (not that I didn’t like 3). I was also very excited about the new Mass Effect, Battlefront, Dishonoured 2, and Mirror’s Edge games, but don’t feel I know enough about them yet to get too psyched… plus they were also kind of expected 🙂

Ben: Which game has me most excited? Please… Dishonored 2. No contest. You could have just said “Dishonored” and I’d hear no more from E3. After the last game, I said the only thing that could make it better was more of it, showing more of the world. And we’re getting it! My only fear is that they’ll assume a course of action from the previous game, and not let your old saves influence the new game – but hopefully we’ll be able to carry on our own messed-up worlds.

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