Palaver: What game would you like to see turned into a film?

Palaver: What game would you like to see turned into a film?

Welcome to “Palaver” – a monthly discussion where the Another Dungeon team answer a question presented to them. If you have a burning question you’d like to ask you can post a comment below or send us an email.

This months question is:

Game to film adaptations are on their way – Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, Rampage – what game would you like to see be turned into a film and who would you cast?

Tim: Given the generally rocky history of game to movie adaptations, I’m always hesitant to answer these types of questions. If it was done well, I guess the original Bioshock would be good as a movie. It had one of the best plot twists I’ve experienced in a game, and I think that the whole setting would fit well in a movie setting. I’d probably cast myself as Jack, as I wouldn’t trust anyone else to play the part properly.


Amelia: I would LOVE to see a Mirror’s Edge film. Faith is an intriguing character, and I love action films. Imagine the epic parkour-inspired sequences a Mirror’s Edge film could have! Additionally, there are already a few graphic novels that explore the universe and could serve as starting material for a film. The driving theme of Mirror’s Edge – how much personal freedom are you willing to give up in order to live a comfortable life? – would be interesting to explore through film. I would cast Rila Fukushima in the main role. Her performance in Wolverine seems to prove she would be a suitably badass Faith.


Ben: This is a hard one for me, as generally I would say I wouldn’t want any game to be turned into a film, as it never seems to turn out well (need I remind everyone of Doom? Really sorry I had to do that.) However, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is, I believe, well suited to the transition. Enough action to keep everyone engaged, and enough narrative to make sense. The film would be able to do away with the issues the game had (i.e., not enough freedom compared to the previous game) and yet still keep the core of Deus Ex – the question – intact. Who should play Jensen, however? I don’t know if anyone is up to that task… Surely no one who would ask for the role!



I’d really love to see Journey made in to a short film with no dialogue, something really about the environment and a sweet bond shared between two silent characters.

I’m yet to be impressed with a film adaptation of a game. I’d like to see a genuinely creative script and story told within a pre-existing game universe. If you know any, please leave a recommendation in the comments so I can educate myself.



Andrew: I’ve long said that if Sony wants to make more money, then they need to start intelligently mining their gaming IP for ideas and turning them into films. Sony’s flagship superhero – Spider-Man – has now partially returned home to Marvel, leaving Sony without a stake in the superhero game… except for the Infamous universe. As a unique take on superheroes and supervillains, Infamous has a world of opportunity to mine, with almost endless powers to draw on. Throw in the possibility of massively explosive, exciting set pieces with great characters and storylines, well, I’m not sure why this hasn’t been fast-tracked into a film series already, dammit.

As for who to play some of the roles? Well, his brother is more widely known than he is, but I’d cast Nash Edgerton as the main male role as he’s a great stunt man and can act as well. As for a female role, maybe somebody like Zoe Saldana or Elle Fanning. The great thing about Infamous is it would be easy to create a character to suit an actor, not hire an actor to suit a character.



Greg: Personally… I don’t know how I feel about game-to-movie adaptations (I’ve watched very few). I really enjoy experiencing games in the medium they were designed for. However, in the interests of this question, I would lean towards horror, and suggest that Dead Space 1 or 2 would make for a really moody, somewhat Event Horizon-feeling space horror…

Or maybe someone could film some of the back story for Destiny – that might spark more interest in the series and let people know there actually IS a story hidden in there.


Dave: I’m going to be the voice of negativity here and posit that I don’t want any games to be made into films! Ignoring for a moment that I believe I’ve only ever enjoyed one adaptation*, I honestly feel there is enough creativity in the world that we don’t need to borrow ideas from another platform to try and capitalise on success.

Furthermore, books, films, and video games all provide the recipient with a unique way of experiencing a world, and I’m perfectly happy having the story delivered in the way it was originally intended. Books provide the most involvement, allowing my perceptions and interpretations to shape the “world”. Films give me the most visual information, and allow me to concentrate on interpreting the story. Video games are mostly somewhere in the middle, but provide me with a more tactile means of engaging with the world. They all have their place, but I just feel that they are best left in the medium they were originally designed for**.

* the original Resident Evil, if interested. I felt it captured the mood and essence of the games without over-doing direct references or sacrificing integrity for mass appeal.

** says the guy who loves all the Witcher, Song of Ice and Fire, and Halo novels!



Andrew was nameless for the first week of his life. His parents were too busy trying to figure out the character creation model that they forgot to name him. Unfortunately, they molded him into a bearded film loving idiot who runs The Last New Wave and AB Film Review with his wife as well as talks about games every so often. Sometimes he knows stuff, most of the time he’s an idiot.

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