Palaver – What is the longest time you’ve played a game for?

Palaver – What is the longest time you’ve played a game for?

Welcome to “Palaver” – a monthly discussion where the Another Dungeon team answer a question presented to them. If you have a burning question you’d like to ask you can post a comment below or send us an email.

This months question is:

What is the longest time you’ve played a game for?

Amelia: This question is hard for me to answer. These days Steam and modern consoles keep track of roughly how many hours we have spent playing all of our games, but I think I spent more time playing games as a kid than I do now – and I really have no idea which game I spent the most time playing. It’s probably a tie between the original Spyro trilogy and The Sims 2. According to Steam, my top 3 most-played games ever are Skyrim, Terraria, and The Witcher – but I don’t always use Steam in ‘online’ mode, and have never connected my copy of Oblivion to Steam, and I definitely spent more time in that gameworld than Skyrim. I also played a lot of JRPGs in my teenage years, and again I don’t actually know how long I spent playing – although I know that I sunk A LOT of hours into Dark Chronicle, Final Fantasy X and the original Kingdom Hearts. On the other hand, I can say with confidence that the longest time I have spent *continuously* playing a game was about 3 years ago, when I was really into Heroes of Might and Magic III. One day during the Uni holidays, I literally spent a whole day playing that game – from about 9am til maybe 8pm? I’m not sure exactly how many hours it was, but it was definitely a marathon effort.


Jair: I tend to not play for long stretches of time in one sitting any more, getting old sucks. I don’t recommend it. That being said, the longest I have ever spent on record with one game was 1783 hours in Skyrim. Oblivion comes in close second with 1336 hours. Off record, I suspect I may have played the PS2 Lord of the Rings games for longer, as well as Star Wars: Battlefront 2 somewhere up in the thousands too. Even Age of Empires 2 might give Skyrim a run for its money in the hours clocked department, but I could never be sure. It’s times like these I miss the carefree teenage years of gaming and hibernation from the unending and brutal Australian summers. 

Ben: I’ve probably put the most time into Civilisation V – its strategy is deep enough for me, without the fiddly bits of other similar titles so that it doesn’t prevent short session gameplay. It is the perfect mix of “just one more turn” and short-session that I can actively and meaningfully play the game for a sprint of 10 minutes, and a stretch of 10 hours. This has meant that, of all the massive scale strategy games that I play, it has succeeded in consistently holding my attention over time – so much so that I’m actually achievement hunting in it (something I never otherwise do in games).


Dave: For me, that would most likely be Guild Wars – the first one, strangely enough, not the second. It was my first real venture into MMOs as, despite loving the Warcraft lore, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay WoW’s subscription fee. Guild Wars released at the perfect time for me. I had plenty of spare time, willing friends, a job to fund the purchase, and a capable PC… actually, scrap that last one. Guild Wars ran on almost anything! All those things combined with regular expansion packs and my love of similarly themed tabletop games meant that the original release was perfect for me.

Last time I checked (/age), I’d been playing for over 450 days! That’s over a year spent playing just one game! That said I do recall falling asleep at the keyboard a few times so maybe that doesn’t 100% replicate my time… knock off a day or so from the total and it should be right.

Tim: Back when I was younger, we used to drag our PC’s to our friends place for some all-night gaming sessions. I think back then the games of choice would have been Counter Strike, Age of Empires II, Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64. Now I’m an old man, the longest continuous session would maybe be 8-12 hours? I think the last time I did that would have been in the Black Ops II days.

According to Raptr and Exophase my top 10 games by hours played are:

  1. Call of Duty: Black ops II – 288 hours
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive – 240 hours
  3. GTA V – 208 hours
  4. Battlefield 3 – 181 hours
  5. Battlefield 4 – 178 hours
  6. Skyrim – 170 hours
  7. Dark Souls II – 147 hours
  8. MGS V:TPP – 115 hours
  9. Guild Wars 2 – 98 hours
  10. Mass Effect 3 – 93 hours

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Andrew: Whilst I’ve not sunk as many hours into games as some of the other folks here, I would probably say that the game I’ve drowned the most time in was Fallout 3. At the time I really got into playing it, I also had my wisdom teeth removed. For a good five days solid I alternated between watching The Sopranos and gaining the 100% trophy completion for Fallout 3 and all its DLC. Needless to say, after about 200 hours in the game, my time was up. Coming up close would be Rayman Legends, which I played every single day for about nine months just to get a damn platinum trophy – all in all, that could have been about upwards of 100 hours. Just for One. Damn. Trophy.


Greg: Those that know me would probably know the answer to this one – the game I’ve played the most is Destiny, by far. I am absolutely addicted to that game, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. It’s just a great place to get together with friends and shoot monsters.

Besides Destiny, I’ve put a hell of a lot of time into Civilisation 5, Oblivion, and Skyrim, in that order. Oblivion was my jam, so I’m very keen for the next Elder Scrolls release, whenever that may be.

In terms of the longest continuous play session? Probably when I was a youngster, there were plenty of lengthy sessions. I can recall staying up all damned night in the early ‘90s playing Mortal Kombat. On Sega Master System. It was great.

Screenshot-DestinyTTK- (4)

Andrew was nameless for the first week of his life. His parents were too busy trying to figure out the character creation model that they forgot to name him. Unfortunately, they molded him into a bearded film loving idiot who runs The Last New Wave and AB Film Review with his wife as well as talks about games every so often. Sometimes he knows stuff, most of the time he’s an idiot.

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