PAX AUS 2015: Panel – Tabletop Vs. Videogame. Why not have both?

Over the past decade the video games industry has undergone amazing growth. Set to reach $111 billion this year, it’s one of the fastest growing in the world! How does this affect the tabletop market though? Tabletop games (card, board, miniature, RPG) are often seen as going hand in hand with video games but why isn’t there more crossover in people playing them? Is it cultural thing? Learning Curve? Maybe just ease of access or lack of joint events like PAX for people to bridge the gap.

There are two things I love in life... playing games and my family. I work three jobs; one to pay the bills, another as a video game designer at C117 Games, and, of course, here - at Another Dungeon. I own almost every console since the Atari 7800 and am proud of my extensive collection of games. I'm more of a single or coop player but I do dabble in multiplayer on the odd occasion. Tabletop wise I prefer strategic games like Five Tribes or Small World. If you want to have a game or just chat feel free to add me, PM me or email me.

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