‘PAX Rising’ special independent games section to feature at PAX Aus 2015

‘PAX Rising’ special independent games section to feature at PAX Aus 2015

If you have been to PAX in the last two years that it has graced our shores it is likely you will have noticed the awesome quality of independent games showcased at the event. The only bad thing anyone could say about the Indie Games Showcase of PAX Aus is that it is not big enough. This may be remedied in 2015 with the launch of ‘PAX Rising’:

An entire space dedicated to the rise of the independent game developers. A celebration of innovation, PAX Rising has been specifically created to feature the best of the Australian and New Zealand development scene, a selection of exciting international independent games, and the six winners of the prestigious PAX Aus Indie Showcase.

The winners of the PAX Aus Indie Showcase have been unveiled, and their work seems something to look forward to:


Developed by Team Cherry


Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure game with an emphasis on traditional 2D animation and skillful gameplay. Journey to Hallownest, a vast and ancient underground kingdom inhabited by a bizarre collection of insects and monsters. Players will forge their own path as they explore ruined cities, forests of fungus, temples of bone and other fantastic lands, all on their way to uncovering an ancient mystery.



Developed by Team Fractal Alligator


Hacknet is a terminal-driven hacking game with competitive multiplayer, a fully internally-consistent network simulation and a realistic interface. It follows the story of recently deceased hacker “Bit”, whose death may not be the ‘accident’ the media reports. You stand in for no one, as most games have you do – play for yourself, make your own decisions, and see the world react – if you’re leaving a trace that is. Hacknet has no protagonist, other than the person using it. Don’t be reckless though – it’s more real than you think.



Developed by Craftven


Werewolf dodgeball in a top-down arena! Lupinball is a hectic contest of firing bright power shots at your opponents while avoiding theirs. Power shots never stop flying around, continually bouncing off walls and shields until they kill an opponent unlucky or careless enough to be in its way. As you can imagine, the arena gets much more chaotic and dangerous as the round continues, so stay focused and keep moving (and shooting)!



Developed by Sun-Studios


Armed with Wings: Rearmed is a 2D action/puzzle platformer set in the dark and dilapidated world of Black Mist. Players control a capable hero and cunning eagle, traveling through various lands and fortresses that challenge the player’s ability to solve puzzles, engage enemies and traverse platforms.



Developed by Yak & Co


Agent A is a spy themed puzzle game for Smartphones, Tablets and erm, Shoephones?! Your mission (should you choose to accept of course) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and catch her! Uncover a stylish 60s themed world full of hidden contraptions and clever logic based puzzles. Oh and do be careful, Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself!



SMG Studio


Death Squared is a game about learning how to not obliterate your companion as you navigate a set of environments that are mechanically mapped to you in surprisingly unhelpful ways. It builds an immediate need for communication, coordination, and collective problem solving.


Pax Aus 2015 will be held at the same venue as last year – the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 30 October to 1 November.

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