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Imagine, if you will a crackling fireplace. Now picture a couple of comfy chairs, some cracking beers, and two guys who spend almost all of their free time playing games. Voila! You’ve attained inner Fireside!

Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and Dan discuss games they’ve played over a variety of different beers. Whether tabletop, video, party, or mind games – they discuss it all. Lighthearted and casual, yet with a hint of structure, Fireside is a podcast that sits easily on your ear palate.

Fireside 43 – Mars Dog Heroes!

Dave 1 + Dave 2 + Tim 1 = Fireside 43! In this episode we discuss Heroes of the Storm, Terraforming Mars (the game, not the viability), and Watch Dogs 2. Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave chat with his friends about what they’ve been playing (or doing) that week. Contents 0:00 – Intro 2:30 – Heroes of the Storm 14:17 ...[Read More]

Fireside 42 – One Night Betrayal of Arcadia

This week Dave is joined by Ben to talk Skies of Arcadia, Betrayal at House on the Hill and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. They do get sidetracked a little so the usual format has been extended to an hour to accommodate… i.e. Dave didn’t trim out the fat in editing 😉 This weeks beer is Coopers Original Pale Ale… not to be ...[Read More]

Fireside 41 – Pokémon: Tyranny & Monstrous

This week Dan is cast aside like yesterday’s jam to make room for Amelia Sarif and Danny Hesz… yes I replaced a Dan with a Danny! In this episode Amelia tells us about her time with Pokémon: Sun & Moon, Danny shares his meaningful decision to play Tyranny, and Dave throws down some opinions on Monstrous. All while quaffing...[Read More]

Fireside 40 – Rise to a Brave Contagion

There comes a special time in every week – a time where two friends get together over beer to discuss the various tabletop and video games they have been playing that week. Bringing a wealth of experience and applying detailed reviewer’s acumen they are able to intelligently provide their listeners with all the info they need ...[Read More]

Fireside 39 – PPP – Post PAX Podcast

In a joint venture with the Another Dungeon Podcast Dave & Dan are joined by Tim & Ben to discuss their expericence at PAX Aus 2016! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave chat with his friends about what they’ve been playing (or doing) that week. Where else can we be found? Visit this thread to view all our previous beer rati...[Read More]

Fireside 38 – D&D: Rescuing the Talisman of Hives

10 It’s Pax eve and Dave’s joined by Dan and Ja… actually just Dan again this week for a discussion about beer, Talisman, beer, Hive, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, and beer! Not sure if you picked up on it but we do drink a beer this week and that beer is Moo Brew’s Hefeweizen – a Tasmanian Bavarian style wheat b...[Read More]

Fireside 37 – A Transmission from Viking Horizons

This week Dave and Dan return to format albeit with a touch of diversion and rambling! They discuss HIRÞ – The Viking Game, Transmission, and Forza Horizon 3 (with a brief sojourn into gripes with Microsoft digital distribution system) – all while consuming the delightful (and free) Pintail Pale Ale. Fireside is a weekly podca...[Read More]

Fireside 36 – Legion

Dear listeners, a terrible darkness has returned to our world. As before, it seeks to annihilate everything that we hold dear. This episode I go to face it, knowing that I may not return. Paul’s coming! Paul’s coming back! As promised Paul returns for a 100% World of Warcraft Legion episode! Laugh at Dave’s lack of knowl...[Read More]

Fireside 35 – Dan mathematics the shit out of this!

Back after a brief hiatus Dave and Dan are joined by Paul to discuss World of Warcraft Legion, Pythagorea, and Burger Up. Somewhat sweeter than usual this episode sees them quaffing Bridge Roads Brewery’s Beechworth Pale Ale and Jelly Belly’s Gourmet Soda (not at the same time)! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and D...[Read More]

Fireside 34 – The Stout Panda Tribe Project

Dan’s back this week for a tabletop game filled episode – discussing Takenoko, Five Tribes, and Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction. This week’s beer was provided by a friend (and sometimes member) of the show – Paul and was Fireside’s first stout. Unsure of whether Paul was just trolling them they sampled it r...[Read More]

Fireside 33 – Sans Dans!

Dan had pressing parental duties this week so Dave decided to go it alone and talk to himself about Unmasked: Dracula’s Feast, INSIDE, and Bear With Me. He didn’t cease in his quest for sponsorship though,and drank enough Asahi Super Dry for two! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and Dan chat about what they’ve been p...[Read More]

Fireside 32 – A Plague of Mr. Dan the Man

Spattered with various subtopics and sidetracks Dan and Dave talk about Blokus, Zombicide, Dan the Man, and Mr. Robot this week. Of course it wouldn’t be a Fireside without beer (although, evidently, it can be a Fireside without fire) so they are accompanied by the delicious Sapporo Premium Beer. Take your shoes off, sit back, relax...[Read More]

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