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Imagine, if you will a crackling fireplace. Now picture a couple of comfy chairs, some cracking beers, and two guys who spend almost all of their free time playing games. Voila! You’ve attained inner Fireside!

Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and Dan discuss games they’ve played over a variety of different beers. Whether tabletop, video, party, or mind games – they discuss it all. Lighthearted and casual, yet with a hint of structure, Fireside is a podcast that sits easily on your ear palate.

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Fireside 36 – Legion

Dear listeners, a terrible darkness has returned to our world. As before, it seeks to annihilate everything that we hold dear. This episode I go to face it, knowing that I may not return. Paul’s coming! Paul’s coming back! As promised Paul returns for a 100% World of Warcraft Legion episode! Laugh at Dave’s lack of knowl...[Read More]

Fireside 35 – Dan mathematics the shit out of this!

Back after a brief hiatus Dave and Dan are joined by Paul to discuss World of Warcraft Legion, Pythagorea, and Burger Up. Somewhat sweeter than usual this episode sees them quaffing Bridge Roads Brewery’s Beechworth Pale Ale and Jelly Belly’s Gourmet Soda (not at the same time)! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and D...[Read More]

Fireside 34 – The Stout Panda Tribe Project

Dan’s back this week for a tabletop game filled episode – discussing Takenoko, Five Tribes, and Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction. This week’s beer was provided by a friend (and sometimes member) of the show – Paul and was Fireside’s first stout. Unsure of whether Paul was just trolling them they sampled it r...[Read More]

Fireside 33 – Sans Dans!

Dan had pressing parental duties this week so Dave decided to go it alone and talk to himself about Unmasked: Dracula’s Feast, INSIDE, and Bear With Me. He didn’t cease in his quest for sponsorship though,and drank enough Asahi Super Dry for two! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave and Dan chat about what they’ve been p...[Read More]

Fireside 32 – A Plague of Mr. Dan the Man

Spattered with various subtopics and sidetracks Dan and Dave talk about Blokus, Zombicide, Dan the Man, and Mr. Robot this week. Of course it wouldn’t be a Fireside without beer (although, evidently, it can be a Fireside without fire) so they are accompanied by the delicious Sapporo Premium Beer. Take your shoes off, sit back, relax...[Read More]

Fireside 31 – Bosses Duel, Monsters GO

Dave’s Quest for Sponsorship finally bears fruit… sort of, with a free beer by Cricketers Arms – Captain’s IPA! While downing these in a new quest for headaches Dave and Dan discuss 7 Wonders Duel, Boss Monster, and Square Enix’s GO series (Hitman, Lara Croft, and Deus Ex). Fireside is a weekly podcast in whi...[Read More]

Fireside 30 – Fireside: Beer Consumption Fesitval

In this week’s episode Dan and Dave discuss their love of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, their admiration for Archaeology (the game), their respect for Reigns and their… uh… something complimentary beginning with N for Not Golf! All discussed over the interesting flavours of James Squire The Summer Swindler! Fireside is...[Read More]

Fireside 29 – The best thing about Fireside is the titles!

The best thing about this week’s episode is Dan & Dave’s discussion of Civilization V – no other simulator can compare with an epic of such scale! That said, the best thing about this episode is actually Pandemic: The Cure – no other game provides a better simulated experience for budding doctors than this dice...[Read More]

Fireside 28 – Let there be structure!

After rambling on about FTL for most of last weeks episode a consensus was reached – we need structure… and by structure, I mean a time limit for topics… and by “we”, I mean “Dave” – he was the one rambling on after all! Fresh out of an Another Dungeon’s August Tabletop Day we had plen...[Read More]

Fireside 27 – FTL: Fireside’s Taproom Lyf

Dave really likes the game FTL: Faster Than Light – something which should be abundantly clear after he craps on about it for most of this episode! We also talk briefly about Castle Panic again (as Dan bought it during the week) and about gaming on a Mac – all while drinking the podcasts most expensive (and highly rated) beer ...[Read More]

Fireside 26 – Damm Monopoly GO Panic!

This week Dan and Dave discuss modernising old classics with Monopoly Revolution. Dave tries to teach Dan that games can be cooperative and we both get the Estrella Damm – Love of Lesbian song well and truly stuck in our heads! We also briefly touch on Pokemon GO… but only briefly as we know everyone’s probably sick of h...[Read More]

Fireside 25 – Aussie Games and International Beers

This is it! The episode where discussion of beer takes up as much time as discussion of games – bringing forth a motion to potentially float an idea that, perhaps, we should extend the podcast timeframe to 40 minutes… maybe. That said we do have time to discuss Elevenses and Town Squares (with honorable mentions to Monopoly Re...[Read More]

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