Prettygreat and Hipster Whale: A Game Developer Love Story

Prettygreat and Hipster Whale: A Game Developer Love Story

Game development is not only hard work, its also expensive, so when three members from Halfbrick set out on their own to form a new studio (dubbed Prettygreat) they had talent, they had drive, they had ambition, but what they didn’t have was a lot of money to fund this new venture and many people wondered how they would be able to keep this new studio running and creating some pretty great games (yes I know what I did there). This is where the story gets a fairy tale twist, given the success and skill of this trio while at Halfbrick, fellow game developer Hipster Whale, creators of the incredibly successful Crossy Road, decided to take a chance on them. Given their (Hipster Whale) new found wealth they could of done many things, buy mansions, buy cars, buy mansions for their cars (ok maybe not but still you get the point) so with all those possibilities what did they decide to do? Why help out Prettygreat of course.

For anyone with a passion for games and game development, this story hits you right in the feels with an awesome team being funded to follow their dreams because others know what they are capable of and how hard it can be to get things started. Oh and just in case you’re curious Hipster Whale provided Prettygreat with AUD $500,000, which not only gives the Prettygreat team a tremendous bankroll to keep them going while they start to get their ideas off the ground but it would also have to keep the pressure off them so rather than focusing on the money they can focus on making outstanding mobile games.

Way to go Hipster Whale and good luck Prettygreat, we cant see what greatness awaits you both.

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