Preview – ARC Continuum

ARC Continuum is an indie title by Akimbo studios that aims to produce a AAA quality game on an indie budget. Judging by my experience with the preview build, they are well on their way to achieving this goal.


ARC Continuum is a third person action/adventure game set in an exciting new Sci-Fi world. With the power of the ARC device you can manipulate time and blink teleport short distances. These were the only two powers that were available to me in the preview, and both powers worked seamlessly, proving both easy and fun to use. Slowing time seemed like more of a combat ability where blink teleport seemed designed for use in the puzzle sections.

To slow time you lob a small “time ball” at enemies slowing them down and allowing you to take them out (or take cover while they inch ever so slowly forward). It also has a small area of effect so it’s best used when enemies are bunched together. The blink ability seemed more useful for the small puzzle sections that were available. The first one of these was a standard platforming puzzle while the other forced me to think outside the square. While the puzzles in the preview weren’t exactly difficult, they did provide a nice break in the gameplay.


The two areas I was able to play were quite different aesthetically – one area was more of an enclosed cave type area while the second was quite open. Using the power of the Unreal engine the game itself looks quite good. Character models move well and the shooting and platform mechanics are solid.

While the preview itself was only single player, Akimbo studios plan to have co op in the final version, where you play as an alternate reality version of yourself, which seems like a nice touch to explain why you can appear in other players story.

Akimbo currently have a Kickstarter campaign running so if you’re interested in checking out a polished indie title I suggest you head over to their page

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