Preview: The Game Quantum

Preview: The Game Quantum

Friday will see the iOS release of The Game Quantum, a science-themed, turn based strategy mobile game from developer Pixel Drop. Featuring both online and local versus modes, The Game Quantum sees players deploy electrons to atoms, causing chain reactions that help the player take control of more of the board than their opponent.

The main space of the game features a 4 x7 grid of empty grey dots. During a turn, the player will touch one of these dots, adding their first electron to it. If a certain number of electrons are added to an atom, it will explode, converting the adjacent atoms to that player’s colour. Corner dots may contain only two electrons before exploding, edges may contain three, and central dots may contain four. This core mechanic feels inspired by abstract strategy games, such as Go. You need to be thinking several moves ahead while playing Quantum, and having control of the board early in a game isn’t always a good thing.


The online mode of The Game Quantum functions similarly to games like Words With Friends – you may have multiple online games active at the same time (up to six), but must wait for your opponent to have their turn before the game can progress. Quantum also features a local versus mode. There is no solo campaign, however the game does contain twenty-two achievements for individual players to chase.

It is clear from the game’s tutorial that the team at Pixel Drop have invested a lot of time in developing the game’s visual style. Quantum features a minimal, yet functional visual design which suits the game’s mechanics well, and the tutorial features a cute electron character who also features in a series of comics which can be found on the game’s website.

The Game Quantam will be available for download, beginning April 23rd, from the App Store.


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