Project Ascension: A Better Experience for PC Gaming

Project Ascension: A Better Experience for PC Gaming

Project Ascension: A Better Experience for PC Gaming

Did you, like me, roll your eyes and shake your head when you realised that the collector’s edition of The Witcher 3 which you pre-ordered over a year ago would be associated with your new GOG Galaxy account, rather than Steam? Did you throw your hands in the air screaming ‘somebody, do something?!’ Well, the team at Project Ascension heard you – they are striving to create a game launcher which seamlessly links all of your accounts – Steam, uPlay, GOG Galaxy et cetera. Where ever your games happen to be installed, you will be able to access them with Project Ascension.

Project Ascension’s homepage is presently a little scant – although what is there looks sleek and promising. Most of what we know so far about the project has been unveiled through a UI (User Interface) reveal video posted on Youtube earlier this month. The video demonstrates a game launcher which you can either link to your Facebook or Google account, or sign up independently of these other sites. Once logged in, the top of the screen displaying four tabs – Store, Library, Community and News. The service also plans to feature a chat service.

Project Ascension is a deeply community driven project, born and living on reddit, with the team happy to take suggestions for features and concepts. The whole idea, as communicated through their mission statement, is to make PC gaming better for users:

“Project Ascension’s intent is to create an open-source and multi-platform launcher driven by the community, where you can start and “store” your games, search for good prices and deals, and optionally use community-related features (i.e. chat)”

The interface, which is visually reminiscent of Steam, looks polished and highly functional. The service is planned for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Project Ascension looks to be a useful tool for PC gamers, and I am certainly planning on testing out their beta, which launches ‘Fall 2015’ (presumably Spring for us folks in Australia).

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