Review Score Guide

Review Score Guide

As much as we try to evaluate a game based on its core mechanics and themes in order to be as objective as possible, reviews are based on the personal experience of the reviewer, and are thus highly subjective. For this reason, we encourage users to write their own reviews to ensure we have a variety of experiences. In addition, we will also offer re-reviews (a return to a game after a period of time has elapsed) and counter reviews (from a reviewer with a differing opinion) from time-to-time.

That said, below we outline what our review scores mean to us in the context of our reviews. Ideally, user reviews on our site should follow these same guidelines.

1 – Broken: Most players will not enjoy this game. At all. Best to steer clear

2 – Bad: Not a complete write-off, but probably not worth wasting your time

3 – Poor: While this is not the greatest of games, it has its merits

4 – Mediocre: Some fun was had while playing this game, but it should be approached with caution

5 – Average: Some will like this title, and others will not – overall… just average

6 – Fair: While there are some notably negative aspects, this is worth considering

7 – Good: A good game that could have benefited from some changes

8 – Great: Overall a great game that many will enjoy, but it’s not perfect

9 – Amazing: A solid and enjoyable experience, with some minor issues

10 – Outstanding: A quality title that most players will likely enjoy. Perfect in the eyes of the reviewer.


Of course, not everyone is going to agree with us, so voice your opinion in the comments, in the forums, or write your own review!

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