Screencheat Announced for Xbox One

Screencheat Announced for Xbox One

Screencheat Announced for Xbox One

At last years PAX Australia I spent a fair amount of time in the indie games area and one of my favorite games was Screencheat, as someone who is primarily a console gamer I am very excited to hear that its finally coming to the Xbox One. If you haven’t heard about Screencheat its a fantastically fun FPS that forces you to do that one thing we all did (but swore we didn’t) when playing a split screen shooters like Golden Eye or Halo, look at other players screen to see where they were. With Screencheat this mechanic isn’t there to just help you play, its something you have to do to have any chance at all of winning, since all the players are invisible its the only way you have to work out where they are.

Developer Samurai Punk and publisher Surprise Attack Games today announced that Screencheat, the chaotic party split-screen FPS where everyone is invisible, will launch this Summer for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. Players of the PC, Mac and Linux version can enjoy the latest major content update, which is now live and brings new maps, modes, a new weapon and other improvements.

Screencheat is a chaotic competitive split-screen first-person shooter where everyone is invisible, so players are forced to look at other players’ screens in order to win. At its heart, Screencheat takes the once taboo act of peeking at your opponents’ screen and blends it together with some of the most memorable competitive split-screen gameplay of recent time, paying homage to legendary FPS experiences like Halo, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye along the way.
Screencheat for Xbox One will release as a part of the ID@Xbox self-publishing program and will feature all the content from the PC version and will be tuned specifically to the platform. Xbox One players can also look forwards to new features currently in development including team-play versions of all the modes in the game and support for up to 8 players on the same screen at once. This last feature will be available both online and locally, thanks to support on Xbox One for 8 connected controllers on a single console.
“I spent countless hours yelling at my mates for screen cheating in Halo, so I’m really excited to be bringing Screencheat to Xbox One,” said Nick McDonnell, director and lead artist at Samurai Punk. “It’s a perfect platform for the game and working with the ID@Xbox program has been very smooth.”
Surprise Attack Games managing director Chris Wright added in “As an indie publisher, getting our games on Xbox One is a major milestone. We’re very pleased to be sharing this important step with our friends at Samurai Punk and are looking forward to bringing our other games to the platform in the coming months.”
Continuing their ongoing support for Screencheat since its launch in 2014, the team at Samurai Punk has also just released a free major content update for PC, Mac and Linux. Out now, some of the highlights from the latest content drop include the following:
  • A new weapon – the Sörgeån. This bad boy is the fearsome result of what happens when you cross a mace with a yo-yo. Ball and spikes fly out, pain is delivered, ball and spikes get retracted and your kill count increases by one.

  • Two new Game Modes – Juggernaut and Bombs Away

    • In Juggernaut one player’s weapon is significantly beefed up with a faster rate of fire and dramatically shorter reload time, making them nigh on unstoppable. Like a cruel game of tag, the player who eliminates the Juggernaut then becomes the new Juggernaut and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

    • Bombs Away sees players trying to blow up their opponents’ bases, with carefully placed explosives in strategic points around the map.

  • Two new maps – The Emir and Ascension

    • The Emir – An Arabian Palace filled with artifacts that’ll give away player locations very easily, so the key here is to keep moving and move fast!

    • Ascension – Paying respect to ancient Greek architecture, this multi-story level features columns and a deadly open space at its center where players can battle it out.

The prototype for Screencheat was born in the 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2014, where the concept was well received, earning Samurai Punk an award for innovation. After catching up on sleep post-Game Jam, Samurai Punk joined forces with indie games publisher Surprise Attack Games to build a full game based on the prototype, releasing on PC, Mac and Linux in October 2014. Screencheat is currently available for US $14.99 on all major digital stores including Steam, The Humble Store and GOG.
While no exact release date has been advised, it will apparently be coming to the Xbox One this “summer” (American), so if you want a fun game to play with a few friends and relive the days split screen shooters where you have to cheat to win, then this is one definitely worth checking out.
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