Review: Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

Poor little Tommy. He’s naked and alone in the public showers again. Where is his Dad? Nobody knows. Oh wait… there he is! Hang on a second… that’s not his Dad. That’s not your Dad, Tommy! No Tommy, noooooooooooooo! Fortunately for Tommy, this isn’t real life and he’s actually just playing Shower With Your Dad Simulator – a fast paced, 8-bit shower simulator designed to test your reflexes and resolve!

An exciting original concept from Marbenx, Shower With Your Dad Simulator (SWYDS) sees you take on the role of one of three children in their search for a lost parent. It’s a gripping tale most people can relate to, and tells a rich story in a truly unique way. The father-son relationship is revealed not by story sequences, but by the actions you perform in game!  Do you run straight for your Dad or, in defiance of an earlier slight, go for another instead? Are you the helpful child getting soap to assist the bathers? Or perhaps the rascal who grabs a razor and sneakily shaves off all the hair? The choices are literally infinite, and each has a major impact on the story played out in your mind. It’s certainly not hard to see what makes up the 208mb download size!

Screenshot-SWYDS- (12)

With three Father/Son combinations to choose from, SWYDS offers at least 33% more Dad than any other simulation game currently on the market. Each Father/Son combo represents a specific skin colour – whether brown, white, or ginger, the developers have ensured no race, ethnic group, or religion is left out! “But what -is- SWYDS, Dave?” Well I’m glad you asked. SWYDS is a fast paced action game offering many different modes:

Using the arrow keys, you must move yourself around the shower trying to find your true Dad. Move quick and you’ll get a nice bonus, but choose wisely, as grabbing the wrong Dad means game over! As you progress, additional hazards are introduced – wet floor signs to hinder progress, wet floor to make you slide all over the shop – even things like shower curtains to make Daddy identification even harder!

Similar to EnduroDad, this mode gives you a set time limit to find your real Dad. Like a chameleon savant, your skin colour changes with each successful grab – making for increased difficulty and margin for error!

Dad Divisions
This mode raises the important social issue of knowing your true Father. With stretchy limbs akin to Mister Fantastic, and constantly changing skin colour, you must weave through obstacles and stretch your limbs to pluck the correct falling Dad from the sky and bring them to you. The big question it raises, though, is – with super powers like these, are any of these guys your real Dad?!

Screenshot-SWYDS- (15)

This mode doesn’t make any sense. I tried left clicking, right clicking, turning the game off and on again – all to no avail. All I can surmise is that this mode is for those who can’t stand the pressure of the other modes and want a simpler, less engaging experience.

This is easily the best mode in the game. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say, you won’t be disappointed! This is the mode that makes your 99c spend worthwhile!

Inglorious Bathdads
Did you ever play R-Type? Well, aside from being a side-scrolling shooter, this is nothing like R-Type. Initially alone in your bathtub, you must fly through a horizontally scrolling world of Dads, destroying those with a skin colour unlike your own and capturing those who match!

Screenshot-SWYDS- (19)

Getting serious for a moment, I have to say that the variety and difficulty scaling in this game is quite impressive. For a “joke game”, it’s actually quite enjoyable and shows decent knowledge of game design basics. The humour is good, levels scale in difficulty at a decent rate, and once you finish a game, there’s very little time before you’re back in again. It offers plenty of “carrot” (no pun intended) in the form of unlockable game modes and perks, giving it an addictive quality not dissimilar to “quickfire” flash games like Burrito Bison. It might seem inconsequential, but unlocking level modifying items gives you an incentive to keep playing in an effort to beat your score. All this plus mini games between levels and a great attention to detail belie the initial impression that this is “just a crappy joke game”.

One big downside of SWYDS is that there aren’t any customisation options. Considering it’s classed as a simulation title I honestly expected at least a low level Dad builder. I’ve seen Marbenx’s other work and know they can make hats in games… where are the hats in this?!

Whilst I enjoyed my minutes spent playing this game, I must say the simulation aspects were a little lacking. This game was nothing like showering with my Dad and, considering my Father died many years back, didn’t provide the nostalgic blast the title had promised. Maybe this is an issue they will address in 2016’s Shower with Your Grandma Simulator.


  • Decent design
  • Great Father's Day gift idea
  • Only costs 99c


  • Nothing like showering with my Dad
  • Racist!
  • Pixelation of private parts feels redundant


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