Sparrow Racing comes to Destiny

Sparrow Racing comes to Destiny

Destiny fans have long been waiting on news of new content and activities coming to Destiny following the release of The Taken King. Many suspected that announcements would be made at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event, which was held in San Francisco over the weekend. These suspicions were validated, but where fans were expecting the announcement of some major DLC (much in the vein of Year 1’s “Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” releases), it came as a great surprise to discover that Bungie had planned something else entirely – Sparrow Racing League.


Sparrow Racing League is Destiny‘s new Winter event (well… Summer event for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere), and is coming for free to players of The Taken King. It takes place over three weeks, and pits guardians against 5 other racers across two courses – one on Mars, another on Venus (while they play out in existing environments, they were designed specifically for these races). Players can purchase new gear and sparrows from Tess Everis (it’s understood these are cosmetic only), and race to win loot.

Players collect a quest line, bounties, and a licence from Amanda Holliday, who runs the event – as the licence is leveled up, loot of greater level can be obtained. This loot can drop at the coveted 320 light level cap, so I’m sure there will be many players jumping in to give it a shot over the course of the event.


Fireteams of 6 can join, essentially creating their own event, or races can be matchmade, but either way, this sounds like it could be a hell of a lot of fun – it even looks like some basic tricks can be performed whilst jostling about the track. That said, I’m sure there are still quite a few folks out there who are still wondering what’s next for Destiny

Sparrow Racing League runs for 3 weeks, starting December 8 (a.ka., December 9th to Southern Hemisphere folk), and it’s unknown if it will be back before the same time next year. However, Bungie’s Live Team (who develop these events) have stated that this is a test that could result in more of the same, or something else entirely – ViDoc embedded below. It’s great to see some new ideas come to Destiny, but it would be rad to get some new strikes and end game content as well…

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