Star War Battlefront Companion Out Now.

Star War Battlefront Companion Out Now.

For all you aspiring Jedi and Sith lords who cant wait for the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront game next week, EA have released the Star War Battlefront Companion for iOS and Android devices. The idea is to use a combination of iconic vehicles, characters and star cards to defend your rebel base from the Galactic Empire, but this is much more than just a mobile game to help you get your Star Wars fix.

Star War Battlefront Companion Screenshot

As you use the Star War Battlefront Companion you will earn credits that you can spend on weapons, star cards and other items in the full game. The system also works both ways with the Star Cards you unlock in the full game being made available in the companion app to help you craft a strong and versatile deck to deal with the forces of the Empire.

The Star War Battlefront Companion is out now on the App Store and Google play.

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