Star War Battlefront Companion Out Now.

For all you aspiring Jedi and Sith lords who cant wait for the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront game next week, EA have released the Star War Battlefront Companion for iOS and Android devices. The idea is to use a combination of iconic vehicles, characters and star cards to defend your rebel base from the Galactic Empire, but this is much more than just a mobile game to help you get your S...[Read More]

Battlefront Beta Now Live

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of of the Empire, the Rebels or even just a scruffy looking nerf herder, the time has finally arrived for you to get some hands on with the latest game in the Battlefront series. While the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta is yet to appear on the PlayStation or Xbox Stores (but should be anytime now) for those who cant wait and have a PlayStation 4 you can l...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront Beta and Companion App announced

EA today announced their much anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront Beta and companion app. The beta will be available early October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and the companion app is due in Novmeber for iOS and Android. The beta will be a technical test featuring “Walker Assault on Hoth”, a 40-player multiplayer battle featuring Rebels and the Empire. Walker Assault will also gi...[Read More]

Star Wars: Battlefront

Feeling the ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down on the frozen tundra of Hoth. Rebel forces firing blasters as Imperial speeder bikes zip through the lush forests of Endor. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star WarsTM battles you’ve always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars™ Battlefront™...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode Gameplay Revealed At Gamescom

It’s been a good day for Star Wars fans and more specifically for those of us who are eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront. At Gamescom today EA have released the first full trailer of gameplay footage for the Fighter Squadron mode, so check out the trailer below and remember “Dont get cocky kid”

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