Castle Panic

Fireside 28 – Let there be structure!

After rambling on about FTL for most of last weeks episode a consensus was reached – we need structure… and by structure, I mean a time limit for topics… and by “we”, I mean “Dave” – he was the one rambling on after all! Fresh out of an Another Dungeon’s August Tabletop Day we had plenty to talk about too, but we hunkered down and narrowed our ...[Read More]

Fireside 27 – FTL: Fireside’s Taproom Lyf

Dave really likes the game FTL: Faster Than Light – something which should be abundantly clear after he craps on about it for most of this episode! We also talk briefly about Castle Panic again (as Dan bought it during the week) and about gaming on a Mac – all while drinking the podcasts most expensive (and highly rated) beer thus far – Duvel! Fireside is a weekly podcast in whic...[Read More]

Fireside 26 – Damm Monopoly GO Panic!

This week Dan and Dave discuss modernising old classics with Monopoly Revolution. Dave tries to teach Dan that games can be cooperative and we both get the Estrella Damm – Love of Lesbian song well and truly stuck in our heads! We also briefly touch on Pokemon GO… but only briefly as we know everyone’s probably sick of hearing about it by now 🙂 Fireside is a weekly podcast in whi...[Read More]

Fireside 20 – Seven Lost Castles

Time for another dose of double Ds – for the un-initiated, that’s Dan and Dave. On this episode we discuss the Lost Legacy games, Castle Panic, 7 Wonders, XCOM The Board game, and more! Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave chats with various friends about what they’ve been playing (or doing) that week. Where else can we be found? Download the MP3 Listen/Subscribe on iTunes ...[Read More]

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