forza horizon 3

Fireside 38 – D&D: Rescuing the Talisman of Hives

10 It’s Pax eve and Dave’s joined by Dan and Ja… actually just Dan again this week for a discussion about beer, Talisman, beer, Hive, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, and beer! Not sure if you picked up on it but we do drink a beer this week and that beer is Moo Brew’s Hefeweizen – a Tasmanian Bavarian style wheat beer that tastes surprisingly authentic! Fireside is a weekly...[Read More]

Fireside 37 – A Transmission from Viking Horizons

This week Dave and Dan return to format albeit with a touch of diversion and rambling! They discuss HIRÞ – The Viking Game, Transmission, and Forza Horizon 3 (with a brief sojourn into gripes with Microsoft digital distribution system) – all while consuming the delightful (and free) Pintail Pale Ale. Fireside is a weekly podcast in which Dave chat with his friends about what they’ve be...[Read More]

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