No Fish Kickstarter Preview

No Fish! is an upcoming tabletop card game created by 93 Made Games, a Sydney-based tabletop game developer, distributor, and publisher. 93 Made Games have created a number of projects previously, including Viewpoint, Viewpoint: Reflections and Monster Town; all of which have found moderate success amongst tabletop game players. No Fish! is a “back-to-front guessing game”, in which players must gu...[Read More]

Hɪrð Kickstarter Preview

Hɪrð (pronounced ‘Hirth’) is a two player, abstract strategy game which takes strong inspiration, in terms of gameplay and aesthetic, from the Viking era. It is not a game about Vikings, that is, in Hɪrð you won’t find an onslaught of lavishly decorated playing pieces adorned with mythical-fantasy Viking inspired art. Instead, Hɪrð is a game designed to “look, feel and play” like a game from the V...[Read More]

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