Review: Age of War

Age of War is a simplistic dice game that takes minutes to learn but provides hours of entertainment. Combining dice rolling and set collection mechanics it’s simple enough for my 6 year old to enjoy (ignore the 14+ recommendation on the box) but complex enough to regularly play with adults as well. In Age of War Players assume the roles of competing daimyos (great lords) trying to conquer castles...[Read More]

The AD Podcast Episode 43 – 11/10 would podcast again

In this Episode we pretty much just talk about Zelda and how good the Switch is, with a little discussion about 10/10 and perfect game ratings. WHERE CAN YOU LISTEN? Subscribe to the RSS Listen/Subscribe on iTunes Wooshkaa

Review: Induction

Induction is an abstract puzzle game which utilises a paradoxical time travel mechanic to offer interesting ways to overcome its various challenges. By choreographing your actions across multiple timelines the game aims to change the way you think about cause and effect – forcing you to interact with both past and future iterations of yourself in order to achieve your goals. Despite the spartan ae...[Read More]

Review: Yakuza 0

Ask anyone to describe the Yakuza series (or read a review of any title in the series) and it’s likely that you’ll be told the games are a genre of their own. Part open-world, part action-adventure, part CGI video extravaganza, the Yakuza games can’t accurately be compared to any one title out there. Some might say GTA or Sleeping Dogs – which owes much to the Yakuza series, I might add – but I wo...[Read More]

Review: ABZÛ

ABZÛ is a game that, on paper, speaks directly to me. It’s made by some of the minds behind the stunning Journey, It’s set in the ocean, with all its bountiful aquatic life, and the great Austin Wintory provides the score for you to swim through the waters to your hearts content. But, with all these ticks, it’s surprisingly lacking in the one thing that made Journey so unique for...[Read More]

Review: Wolf & Hound

Wolf & Hound is a gorgeous 2-4 partnership strategy card game developed and produced by independents to a standard high enough to match the quality I expect when purchasing a Mayfair or Rio Grande title. It makes for great family fun, but also easily makes the cut as something I’d bring to the table during a board game evening with friends.

Review: Shadow Warrior 2

First and foremost, if you are easily offended by things that are a little (or a lot) on the politically incorrect side, then Shadow Warrior 2 is definitely not the game for you. If you’re not familiar with the series then you should probably know upfront – it’s full of dick jokes and cheesy gags – they certainly didn’t hold back for the latest title in the series. If you’re still with...[Read More]

Review: INSIDE

INSIDE is, put simply, a masterpiece – not due to finely polished mechanics or cleverly crafted levels – but in its beautiful presentation and exquisite attention to detail. Styled after 2D platformers, INSIDE feels more like an interactive story than a traditional game – allowing the player to unveil a beautiful yet horrific world while maintaining a measure of control over what happens.

Review: Obliteracers

Blasting onto the racing scene is the bright, Australian-produced party game, Obliteracers. This unique spin on the competitive kart racer genre has you battling against three other racers in a war to see who can destroy each other the most amount of times. Coming first in the race is not the main objective here as you guide your robotic/monster hybrid creature around a variety of visually excitin...[Read More]

Review: Bear With Me

Bear With Me is a very impressive game. Beautifully presented with well-written dialogue and logical puzzles, the entire game displays an impressive attention to detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. I strongly recommend playing this game but, unless you’re happy with being fed the story in dribs and drabs, it might be best to wait until all chapters are released and grab it in it's entirety.

Review: Heart&Slash

Heart&Slash is a frantic, procedurally generated, hack-and-slash with a crazy pace and memorably boppy tunes. A tough game with rogue-like elements, it’s an impressive first entry from indie developers aheartfulofgames. There is much to love about the challenging combat and colourful ‘80s feel of Heart&Slash, and it is a great addition to the hack-and-slash genre. However, the game does ha...[Read More]

Review: Reigns

On the surface Reigns seems to be simply another swipe-app, but if you look deeper you’ll find a game with a solid narrative structure that helps provide a great level of context to your swiping. Reigns is a very welcome addition to any mobile gaming library. Its apparent simplicity is a front for what is an enjoyable and deep adventure experience.

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