PAX AUS 2015 – Master of Orion (Preview)

Wargaming had a major presence at PAX AUS this year, as they have in previous years, and we managed to have a sit down with several key individuals from different franchises. However, we really only had the chance to talk about one game, as the demo took up all of our time. We were very happy with this, as it was the recently announced reboot of Master of Orion, which will be released under Wargam...[Read More]

World of Warships set to blown you out of the water this September

After bringing its free to play MMO games to both the land and the air, soon it will be time to take to the digital high seas with World of Warships. On September 17th World of Warships will be released and is a game of strategic naval combat with four classes of ships, a vast selection of historic vessels and endless strategic approaches to winning the fight for the high seas. “Based on our Open ...[Read More]

World of Tanks Xbox One pre-download available now

Ahead of the launch of World of Tanks on Xbox One next Tuesday, Wargaming has a special pre-download offer for fans. The offer includes the American Tier 2 T1E6-X1, with exclusive emblem and permanent camo as well as a garage slot for all players who pre-download the game between now and 28 July. World of Tanks for Xbox One has a sizable download (16.08GB) so the pre-download option is great for t...[Read More]

World of Tanks coming to Xbox One

Wargamings epic free to play MMO World of Tanks is making the jump to current gen consoles by making its way to the Xbox One. The game will be getting a graphics upgrade, new PvE mode called “Proving Grounds”, feature cross-platform multiplayer between the 360 and Xbox One and also have shared content and progress across both Xbox platforms. World of Tanks launches on Xbox One from Jul...[Read More]

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