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The AD Podcast Episode 30 – Ben gets mad at Sonic

The AD Podcast Episode 30 – Ben gets mad at Sonic

In this episode Tim and Ben discuss the dying Sonic franchise and Ben gets angry at Sega’s latest announcements. We also get into the touchy topic of YouTubers and when it’s not OK to not disclose important information.

It’s adventure time! Come on, grab your friends… no not there… that’s inappropriate!


0:00:28 – Intro/Life without internet
0:04:05 – Sonic
0:07:35 – CS:GO Lotto

Host : Tim Paterson
Guest : Ben Spanos
Edited by : Tim Paterson


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Hi guys I guess here is where I tell you a little bit about me. I'm a huge FPS and RPG fan so that's where my reviewing biases will lie.I play a bit of competitive online shooters but I also really enjoying playing co op. If you ever want a game feel free to shoot me a message on your preferred format.Feel free to leave comments and remember that reviews are opinions, if you don't agree that's fine, just don't attack the reviewer personally.
  • I agree, Tim. Ben is no negative! If Sonic “hasn’t been relevant for the last 15 years”, why do so many people continue to get angry? While the Sonic games of the last 15 years have had highs and lows, fans continue to purchase and enjoy them. If you don’t fit into this group, move on and go play (or gamble on) CS:GO 😉

    • Timothy Lee Paterson

      Can I genuinely ask why people like Sonic as a character?

      • I’m not the best person to ask. I don’t watch the TV show or read the comic books, I play and enjoy the games. However, is it really about the character? Plumber, hedgehog, bandicoot, I don’t care as long as it’s a decent platformer.

        • Timothy Lee Paterson

          And therein lies the problem for me probably. I don’t really get attached to characters in general, let alone a platformer character

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