The Another Dungeon Guide to Surviving PAX AUS

The Another Dungeon Guide to Surviving PAX AUS

OK that probably sounded a little dramatic, but with PAX Australia just a week away we here at Another Dungeon thought it was time to share a few tips on how to prepare for yourself to get the most out of your PAX experience.

Its dangerous to go alone, take this…

PAX AUS is huge, not just for the sheer size it takes up but also because of the amount of things there are to see and do while you’re there so preparation is key to help you get the most out of your experience.

With the schedule for all the panels and the maps available on the PAX website and through the guidebook app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Blackberry it’s well worth downloading for the plethora of information it offers. Take some time to familiarise yourself with whats on and see when and where those panels/ demos/ tournaments you want to check out are on. While hopefully there wont be any overlaps the reality is that there is a good chance that things could be on at the same time or on opposite sides of PAX so knowing the when and where will help you plan your moves.

Hold B to run

The layout for PAX AUS  is pretty expansive which isn’t a bad thing, it means there plenty of room to get around and eliminates that feeling of claustrophobia that can sometimes occur at events like this, but it will also mean you’ll possibly be spending a lot of time on your feet or walking around so unless your in cosplay and its part of your outfit you might want to ditch the business shoes, work boots  or high heels for something a bit more comfortable (unless you find them comfortable of course).

Whats that smell?

Now this is a bit of a hard chat to have, it’s unfortunate to say that that in this community I love so much there are a few of us that let our passion for the culture outshine or need for basic hygiene. Don’t get me wrong we all have our moments where we can be a little bit less than fresh but just remember there will be times when you’ll be in line or in close proximity to others for an extended period and while you might be comfortable with your unique aroma others may not. So remember to have a shower, change your clothes, use deodorant to keep things pleasant for everyone and not perpetuate that stereotype.

Kick Ass Cosplayers 

Cosplayers are awesome, they have spent countless hours,days, weeks, months crafting their work of art to show the world and now is their time to shine, but when it comes to dealing with cosplayers you should always be respectful and courteous. Ardella Cosplay created a fantastic video guide on how to interact with cosplayers and to avoid being branded a “convention creeper”, and always remember the golden rule when it comes to cosplay, no matter how they’re dressed, what gender they are, cosplay does not equal consent.

Gather your supplies

There will be plenty of places within PAX and the surrounding areas to get something to eat and drink but you may not always have the time to run out and grab something, so why not prepare some rations for yourself. If your taking a back pack (or any other bag really) why not put in some snacks or sandwiches and a drink or two so that even if you’re are waiting in line for a panel, or find yourself having to run from one side of PAX to the other to see everything you want you can still have something to eat, stay hydrated and stay healthy.

Another handy item to carry with you is a charger, back up battery or portable power supply for your mobile or other handheld devices. While there are a few power-points you might be able to find around the place that aren’t already being used, given the thousands of people that will be attending there is a good chance that they will also be others looking for the same thing. A portable battery/power supply is a handy option as it means that you can charge up on the move and not lose precious time having to stand guard over your device and be tethered to the spot by you charging cable rather than be out enjoying PAX, taking photos, bragging about it on social media and generally seeing all there is to see and having a good time.

…Are you not entertained?

Now this should also probably form part of your basic supplies as at some stage during PAX AUS, be it for a game or panel, you will have to experience the line ride and wait a little. So to help combat the possible boredom that may come with this wait bring along something to help pass the time. Something like your 3DS, PS Vita, Atari Lynx, Gameboy, favorite novel, comics, homework or anything else you can reasonably use to pass the time. If you have a 3DS events like PAX are a goldmine for getting street passes, bring a book and catch up on the adventiures of your favorite characters or failing that you will probably always have your phone with you and there is always the exciting world of the internet to keep things interesting (I hear that cats are apparently a big thing on there).

“Serve the public trust”; “Protect the innocent”; “Uphold the law…….”

Throughout PAX you will see people in brightly coloured  shirts who are there to help you, these wonderful people are known as the Enforcers. They are basically PAX’s very own personal army of awesome volunteers who are there to help you out, make sure everyone follows the rules and generally have a good time. So if you not sure about something feel free to ask them and they should be able to help you out and remember if one of the enforcers ask you for something or gives you and instruction, don’t be a dick about it.

Obey Weatons Law (Dont be a dick) .

People come to PAX AUS to have fun, enjoy themselves and see lots of incredible things, not to have a bad time. Dont be the person that intentionally ruins the experience for someone else, sure you might get frustrated that panels are full, or because you have to wait in line for a bit to check something out or things might not have gone the way you expected, but there is no need to take that out on those around you, PAX is what you make of it and if you want to enjoy it then you probably will.

So with all that said and done hopefully this guide will help you get the most out of PAX AUS 2015 and hopefully we will see you there (we will be the ones wearing the cool shirts with the dragons on them) and don’t forget to follow the PAX team on Twitter and Facebook,

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